Darwin Was Not a Biological Engineer

The Darwinian concept that evolution could create new genes is fatally flawed.

One, without specialized biological machinery to carry out the instructions of the genetic code nothing will happen. The genetic code cannot create a biological machine by trial and error without already having biological machinery which is responsive to its genetic code. It might take a billion years to randomly evolve a single biological machine in crude prokaryotes.

Two, how does an organism randomly create new genes which produce new functions? A new function can only be created when the entire set of genes is present to allow for that function (irreducible complexity). Does it happen, yes it does. The problem for this version of evolution is that it is too slow to produce anything very sophisticated within the lifespan of a planet’s star.

Complex life on Earth began with complete genetic toolboxes (Eukaryotes). Life on Earth began in the Ediacaran (before the Cambrian) but did not produce more than microscopic fossils until the Cambrian.  Each of these eukaryote phyla were complete functional organisms when they appeared. And none of these phyla came from a single common ancestor or even a single world.

The evolutionary process on Earth was jump started with sophisticated alien organisms which would over time become perfectly adapted to Earth.

I argue that the Cambrian explosion was an example of a compacted (zipped file?) genetic library that is continually stepping us towards more complex life.  The genes for complex animal and plants existed from the beginning. And more complex parts of the code activated as soon as environmental niches became available.

A further argument for adaptive genetic libraries is the sophistication of specialized phyla or organized body shapes. Each phylum had libraries that were very specific to that phylum. Plants might have spines but not teeth or claws. These new gene choices appear to be limited to choices that were relevant to that particular phylum.

The Aliens could create microscopic multi-celled animals and plants with all of the genetic code to become dinosaurs, mammals, or trees.  I will name these physically simple organisms with vast genetic libraries as uplift coded (from David Brin’s uplift series).

The Ediacaran Cylons: Our Biological Nurseries and Mentors

Superman had the fortress of solitude and we had the biological machines/nurseries of the Ediacaran.

Dickinsonia and the other Ediacaran were not uplift coded. They were supremely designed biological machines. Viruses and disease trigger “evolutionary” responses in the uplift coded. But the biological machines of the Ediacaran blocked these changes making them functionally immune to all bacteria and viruses. They were a machine designed to protect and nourish the lifeforms that we are now.  They were not supposed to leave any descendants.

Dickinsonia were very tough organisms and describing them as a living air mattress appears to be literal. They could concentrate oxygen within their internal living spaces where we would learn to adapt to the hostile world that was Earth.

Earth was chemically and biologically hostile to these seeded organisms. The biological nurseries like Dickinsonia would be a sanctuary to give the uplift coded time to adapt. This while other eukaryotes started increasing the oxygen content and created a more complex food chain to sustain these uplifted organisms. Eukaryotes are not from Earth.

Dickinsonia and the other Ediacaran life forms were supremely adapted for their role. As biological robots they could live in Earths extreme conditions, reproduce, and thrive as long as the environmental conditions met their minimal needs. The Aliens did not toss their uplift coded “sea monkeys” into a biologically and chemically toxic ocean just to scatter and die!

I suggest that Dickinsonia could produce oxygen and food for their charges to give them time for both Earth and the lifeforms to adapt. This until the eukaryotes had built a food chain outside of Dickinsonia and the other specialized nurseries. As engineered organisms they could fix nitrogen which would concentrate algal mats and other life nearby.  Dickinsonia did not need to graze.  The algal mats and other plant life were there because of Dickinsonia. Dickinsonia created local conditions which were conducive to life.

This was a playground for their charges as they wandered away from Dickinsonia.

Different biological machines functioned as nurseries in different environments. Dickinsonia appears to be near shore and photosynthetic while being firmly anchored.

It appears that the Dickinsonia budded in in an alternating left-right-left pattern to assemble a complex asymmetric body plan.  As long as a founding bud existed a complete Dickinsonia could be constructed.  A complex body plan by budding. No wonder that nobody was able to figure it out.

The nurseries would never produce defenses when their charges began a predatory melee. Once their charges had developed a sustainable ecosystem outside of the organic machines, the Ediacaran nurseries disappeared without leaving any descendants.

Biological machines can be thought of as biological robots.  Establishing Eukaryote colonies on Earth could have been an automated process or it could have occurred within the duration of a single mission. No need for UFO’s to stick around.

It appears that other people studying both the Ediacaran and Cambrian life forms may have come to the same conclusion without drawing direct inferences (and ridicule) to alien intervention.