We Were Never Alone in the Universe

I am a Heathen who can act as an objective referee between the blood Slurpee® drinking Scientists of America and the Christian Creationists. At least the Christians are not reptiles. 

Did you know that an interstellar asteroid can create “mantle plumes,” extinction events, and the geological conditions for oil formation. American scientists did not get the scientific narrative wrong; they got their jobs as American Scientists because they are the best liars. (Google “Interstellar Asteroid Impacts” and “Geology” if you like whitespace).

There was never a single common ancestor for life on Earth. For several billion years Earth was an unairconditioned fixer upper and an asteroid distressed property. The Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary shows multiple asteroid eviction notices addressed to the dinosaurs, not just the one at Chicxulub.

The entertainment value of tossing lying American Scientists into active volcanoes is a pleasure that has to be experienced.

Advanced life on Earth began when Aliens seeded Earth with engineered and specialized phyla in the Ediacaran (before the Cambrian). 

The alien civilization which seeded Earth left behind evidence for phyla specialization in our genetic codes.

A scientific embarrassment called Taxonomically Restricted Genes shows distinct phyla without any possibility for a single common ancestor.  Each phyla appears to be written with its own distinct code and syntax by a galactic civilization which specialized in that phyla.

Why do I say civilization? The hominids (some people and primates), the cetaceans (whales and dolphins), the octopi (octopuses and squids) and the feathered dinosaurs (birds) all show some potential for complex intelligence. Each of these phyla lines were perfected on many worlds before they were brought to Earth. Each intelligent species has ruled entire worlds.  The aliens we see on Earth are much like the aliens that we will be apologizing to in the rest of the universe.

Rather than directly colonizing the Earth with their own complex forms they chose to make something which would be perfectly adapted to the ecological conditions of Earth. At this point in our “evolution” we look and act somewhat like the disappointed Aliens who made us.

The presence of so many lifeforms with the potential for intelligence suggests that there we are supposed to share Earth. It must be noted that something on our dinner plate might have a space armada nearby.

Alienness is already our genetic heritage, we just need to get an alien attitude.

Darwin Was Not a Biological Engineer

And just because Charles Darwin was English that does not automatically make him an evil person. Though Darwinian racism was definitely an English form of evil. The British rationalized their brutality and theft as just being part of the natural order.

A Finch can change the shape of its beak by changing how it rubs or abrades that beak. A beak is like a fingernail which can be shaped by behavior. The beak is not a fixed tool and it can be adapted as the need arises.

The Darwinian concept that evolution could create new genes is not supported by genetic observations.

Before you can have cows, you need to have grass. All of the Alien phyla have to successfully advance in complexity and diversity before ecological niches can become available for more advanced forms.

Evolution can be redefined as the stepping of an intelligently designed genetic process which keeps testing the next step in complexity by loop iteration.  Intelligent design keeps trying improvements and seeing if the time is right.

Archea, Prokaryotes and Alien Eukaryotes

Archea such as stromatolites are the biological shock troops of intelligent design. The early Sun was much brighter, the Earth was much hotter, and the Archea were tough enough to survive.  The Archea could help build up oxygen levels and remove some of the chemical toxins from the oceans.

The limiting factor for complex life on Earth was not evolution, but temperature.

The temperature stability of complex multicellular life (Eukaryotes cells with a nucleus for starters) appears to be a big problem for America’s fake stellar evolution. The complexity of the Eukaryote based organism means that the internal cell process with the lowest limiting temperature is the limit for that entire organism.  And for Eukaryotes that critical temperature is in the low 40 degrees centigrade (about 104-110F).

When the Sun first ignited the surface temperature of Earth was above the melting point of Anorthosite, about 1700 degrees centigrade. So much for the early dim Sun model.

Eukaryotes are temperature sensitive and incapable of surviving the temperatures on Earth until recently.  The porridge was too hot for complex life on Earth.

Cholesterol is a big problem for the America’s fake science of evolution.  It is a problem because it indicates when the Aliens introduced Eukaryotes to Earth. The Aliens introduction of the Eukaryotes can be dated to when cholesterol appears in the geological record. This is shown with Dickinsonia’s appearance in the Ediacaran (635-541 million years ago).

But the most obvious evidence for Alien meddling was the specialization and independence of the starting phyla. Complex life on Earth began with the complete genetic toolboxes necessary for each phyla. Each of these eukaryote phyla were complete functional organisms having their own distinct genes. And none of these phyla came from a single common ancestor or even a single world.

A further argument for adaptive genetic libraries is the sophistication of specialized phyla or organized body shapes. Each phyla had libraries that were very specific to that phyla. Plants might have spines but not teeth or claws. These new gene choices appear to be limited to choices that were relevant to that particular phyla.  This genetic specialization by phyla is belatedly recognized by American science as taxonomically restricted genes.

Random genetic mutation may actually be prohibited or edited out since the changes with the greatest probability for success would have been engineered into the phyla over billions of years.  Each phyla may have a dedicated editor or code compiler. Proving the existence of phyla with unique and specific biological machinery would strip away any pretense for a common ancestor.


We can assume that Eukaryotes never “evolved” on Earth. Life was seeded on Earth by direct Alien intervention. Complex life on Earth began in the Ediacaran (before the Cambrian). But these life forms would not produce anything larger than microscopic fossils until the Cambrian. 

Rather than directly colonizing the Earth with their own complex forms they chose to make something which would be directly adapted to the ecological conditions of Earth. In the end, we may still look and think like them, but we are perfectly suited to the special conditions of Earth.

Humans are expendable. A lot of Aliens put in a lot of work to create the complex life on Earth and they might not react very kindly to bad human stewardship. These alien engineers could wipe us out quicker than the American Nazi’s at Fort Detrick tried to do with Covid.  If the humans ever become a liability to the Aliens long term plans, they might replace us with our understudies (the raccoons).

I suspect that there are many planets where there is plenty of evidence for now extinct advanced civilizations disappearing without any visible calamity. (Other than them causing a large reduction in biodiversity before there incompetence got them retired). 

The genes for complex animal and plants existed from the beginning. And more complex parts of the code activate as soon as environmental niches became available.

The Aliens could create microscopic multi-celled animals and plants with all of the genetic code to become dinosaurs, mammals, or trees.  I will name these physically simple organisms with vast genetic libraries as uplift coded (from David Brin’s Uplift Series of Books).

In simple terms hell would have frozen over before any Archean or Prokaryote like the stromatolites could have evolved to become us.

The Biological Robots of the Ediacaran

Eukaryotes are not from Earth. And Earth’s environment would need a lot of time for the modifications necessary to support a diverse Eukaryote population. The Aliens gave them a lot of help in the form of nurseries and incubators based on biological machines.

The Aliens did not toss a billion years of genetic coding into a biologically and chemically toxic ocean just to watch them scatter and die on the first day! Dickinsonia and the other Ediacaran life forms were supremely adapted for their role as nurseries. As biological robots they could live in Earths extreme conditions and thrive for as long as the environmental conditions met their minimal needs.

Describing Dickinsonia as a living air mattress appears to be literal. They could concentrate oxygen within their internal living spaces where our ancestors would learn to adapt to the hostile world that was Earth. As a living air mattress Dickinsonia was capable of fossilization in sand.  Fossilization in sand can only occur if you are structurally robust, tough, and rubbery long enough (before decay) for the sand to cement with silica or carbonate. (Very few life forms have fossilized under these conditions without having bones and shells.)

Earth was chemically and biologically hostile to these seeded organisms. Our early single cell forms adapted within the biological machines/nurseries of the Ediacaran to give them the time to adapt to survival in the open oceans. 

Dickinsonia and the other Ediacaran were not uplift coded. They were supremely designed biological machines. Viruses and disease trigger “evolutionary” responses in the uplift coded. But the biological machines of the Ediacaran blocked these changes making them functionally immune to all bacteria, viruses, and adaptation. They were a machine designed to protect and nourish the lifeforms that we are now.  They were designed for a singular purpose and once that purpose was successful, they were not supposed to leave any descendants.

I suggest that Dickinsonia could produce oxygen, food and potentially fix nitrogen. The Ediacaran biological robots gave the eukaryotes time to build a food chain outside of Dickinsonia and the other specialized nurseries of other niches. Dickinsonia as an engineered organism could incorporate advanced biological traits like fixing nitrogen which would concentrate algal mats and other life nearby.  It did not need to graze as suggested in the literature.  The algal mats and other plant life were there because of Dickinsonia. Dickinsonia created conditions around it which were conducive to life.

The surrounding plant life was a playground for their charges as they wandered away from Dickinsonia.

Different biological machines functioned as nurseries in different environments for different phyla. Dickinsonia appears to be near shore and photosynthetic while being firmly anchored.

The Cambrian Biological Machine Retirement

It appears that the Dickinsonia “brain” could extrude complex segments which would continue to grow. This was in an alternating left-right-left pattern to assemble a complex body plan.  As long as a founding “brain” bud existed a complete Dickinsonia could be constructed.  A complex body plan by budding and extrusion. No wonder the Dickinsonia was so difficult to figure out. Budding appears to be a good way to introduce biological machines that did not have a vulnerable stage where they could easily be annihilated. Kind of like the pack of wolves which raised me.

The nurseries would never produce defenses when their charges began a predatory melee. Once the uplift coded had developed a sustainable ecosystem outside of the organic machines, the Ediacaran nurseries disappeared without leaving any descendants.

Biological machines can be thought of as biological robots.  Establishing Eukaryote colonies on Earth using the biological robots of the Ediacaran could have been an automated process or it could have occurred within the duration of a single Alien mission. No need for UFO’s to stick around.

It appears that other people studying both the Ediacaran and Cambrian life forms may have come to the same conclusion. But they did not publish these conclusions for fear of professional ridicule and Illuminati (corrupt American Scientific Management) retaliation.