Science is Murder

The Paper Trail of a Murdered Scientist

Until the Empire’s scientific corruption goes public the following is completely useless.

How can you tell if a scientist’s death is a murder? Imperial corruption of science appears to be total. Information related to geology, physics or medicine might trigger the victim’s murder.

You will either need a lot of luck like finding old poisoned prescriptions (though getting them analyzed is still a problem). Or you have video showing that their death was not an accident. When the bullet penetrated Kennedy’s head from the right front it snapped his head back and sent fragments of his brain and skull to his rear and left. So even video evidence can be shouted down by a chorus of imperial liars with impeccable credentials.

From my own observations once a scientist has disclosed secret science to their peers the following will occur.

That scientist will be encouraged to keep the information to himself. (an example) A major scientific publishing house says they will publish the targeted scientist’s paper only if the victim follows a strict embargo. The scientist might be contacted by other leading scientists to give the target the impression that the victim is writing a paper of historical importance. Actually, the paper will be several decades behind the Empire’s own efforts.

Depending on the targets home country their murder could be an obvious murder with a motive completely unrelated to the secret. In America the target will usually be placed under FBI surveillance. The FBI has a surveillance exception where they can follow anyone for training purposes. I would guess that the name of the person being used for training would not be in the FBI files for privacy reasons (no paper trail).

You will have to individually question and show a picture of the suspected victim to all of the individual members of an FBI surveillance team to find out if the victim was actually under surveillance. The 3 FBI offices closest to the suspected murdered scientist in the year before their death should be adequate.

If you prove that the deceased scientist was placed under surveillance (by any organization) then you are 80% along the way to proving that they were murdered.

Modified Newtonian Dynamics and Murder

MOND is a lethal riddle. Solve the riddle and discuss it with anyone and you will be murdered.

MOND is based on the hypothesis that the property of inertia changes in weak gravitational fields. This is factual physics. The inertial field (a real property of Space Time) causes a mass to speed up in weak gravitational space giving rise to the galactic velocity curves. The same galactic velocity curves that the Empire deceptively holds up as proof for the existence of dark matter.

MOND and Inertial Fields are both outside of General Relativity. Except that every published solution that incorporates MOND is gibberish or incorporates General Relativity or Parameterized Post Newtonian (PPN) frameworks.

MOND is factually based on the secret science of Inertial Fields. Many of the people writing these papers about MOND are also aware of the real physics of Inertial Fields. A GR smokescreen keeps the real physics of Space-Time as a tightly held monopoly.

All of these prestigious scientists intentionally write papers which they know are wrong. If anyone sees these papers and then stumbles into the truth, they will assume that they are the first to discover the real relationships within Space Time. Instead they will discover that this information was found decades ago and kept secret. The riddle of MOND will lead an unwary scientist into a fatal trap.