Fictional Late Heavy Bombardment

The Apollo program did go to the Moon and did retrieve a lot of Moon rocks. NASA and Houston then lied about the contents and age of those rocks. An interstellar asteroid impact on the Moon about 300 million years ago had created the Seas (dark areas on the near side). Most of the samples returned to the Earth were about this age (300my).  

It is obvious that the Seas are a vast field of basaltic lava. Since Houston and NASA were hiding the existence of Interstellar Asteroids which did create the vast areas of basaltic lava, Houston and NASA had to fake a cause and a date.

Houston created the fictional event the “Late Heavy Bombardment” to explain away a nearly pristine (young) lava field on the Moon was actually an ancient event.

The date of the actual impact was about 300 million years ago. Using fraudulent geochronology Houston redated the lunar rocks to 3.7 billion years. This was to keep the impact within the geological window when the Moon still had a liquid core.

Interstellar asteroid impacts produce impact plumes (renamed mantle plumes) on both the Earth and the Moon.

The LHB never happened.

The uranium content of some of the Moon rocks would match the uranium content of black shales. The moon doesn’t have an ocean yet it has the same metallic concentration found in black shale. So, the argument that it was the organic material which precipitates the metals from seawater is obviously false.