German Volcanoes and Basel Earthquakes

The story of the Rhine Graben, the German Volcano Fields, and a Ginger Bread House in Texas.

The German volcanoes were created by interstellar asteroids (95%). The timing for some of these German volcanic events might overlap with the impact and creation of the Yellowstone plume.

Like all impact events you can assume that all of the published geochronology is fictional. I would say wrong, but these geochronologists knew what they were doing and they did get an accurate date. They did not publish that date and instead published a date that worked in the Empire’s narrative.

The Rhenish Massif or the Eifel Volcanic fields are the likely impact points for the impact plume which would cut the Rhine Graben/Valley. There should be a large gravitational anomaly associated with the impact point since lighter sedimentary strata would have been replaced by a rising column of heavier mantle material.

After the impact, the European plate moved north and maybe a bit east. The Rhine Graben would move in the opposite direction from the Rhenish Massif (or another location) to the south and a bit west. The plume appears to be presently located under the City of Basel, Switzerland. The Earthquakes and geothermal activity in this area would validate an impact plume being present there.

As the European plate passed over the plume it would cause the strata to be uplifted and fractured. The uplifted and fractured strata would rapidly erode. After passing over the plume the strata would subside into a depression which would then fill in with younger sediments. Voila one graben.

When you add the effects of interstellar impacts to the recognized geological processes the process for creating a graben is trivial. How many improbable cycles of uplift, unroofing, and other bullshit are in the Empire’s “official” narrative for the Rhine Graben’s creation?