New Madrid Mantle Plume

New Madrid Missouri USA is sitting above a mantle plume like Yellowstone. There have been literally thousands of earthquakes in the last 20 years in the New Madrid area. Mantle plumes like Yellowstone and New Madrid are seismically active because they are sitting above a big blob of molten rock and potentially a volcano. This plume has forced ancient strata to the surface in Missouri and Illinois.

The United State Geological Survey has known for a long time about the New Madrid mantle plume. One of the first things it did with its control of geochronology was to make the volcanic activity in this area ancient. The USGS could not publicly recognize the existence of the New Madrid mantle plume because of Big Oils (Seven Sisters) orders to hide the existence of interstellar impacts.

Another big secret related to this plume’s path is the absence of oil within it.  It appears that the mantle plume has cooked the oil to graphite along its path. This path of cooked or missing oil in the Empire’s own Texas backyard alerted big oil and John Tuzo Wilson to the existence of mantle plumes.

Image modified from:

Fluid-Metasomatized mantle beneath the Ouachita belt of southern Laurentia: Fate of lithospheric mantle in a continental orogenic belt. H.P. Young and C.-T.A. Lee


The Solitario structure near Big Bend National Park appears to be the impact point for the interstellar asteroid. The red dots show the path.  The plume path deviates from the Empire’s fictional narrative by going northeast and not southeast when it leaves Oklahoma.

Solitario Impact Ring Structure

The Image below shows the virtual absence of oil along the plume path. According to the Empire the Ouachita Structural Front is over 200 million years old. If it had been created 200 million years ago (mya) there would still be oil there since Cretaceous (>65 mya) strata is a big oil producer in Texas. It is geologically recent, since no new oil bearing sediments have been placed there since the passage of the mantle plume.