The Power of Corrupted Science Revealed

The Portrait section is not so much about the scientific secrets of the global elite. It is about understanding a society of entitled monsters. While the scientific evidence (which you can verify for yourself) is quite convincing, everyone will encounter the psychological barrier of actually focusing on the evil which surrounds them.

The dozens of little clues that you have been conditioned all your life to ignore.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why would people in a “Democracy” knowingly vote to keep sending people to congress who would maintain this policy?

A century of scientific corruption could not exist if it was not under the umbrella of a far greater corruption which is the U.S. Government. The Founding Fathers would never have allowed the creation of the Gestapo FBI and the universal surveillance of the NSA. Why would a real democracy need the tools of a tyranny?

Because the people of America do not live in a democracy. It is that simple.

The Kennedy’s and 9/11 are insignificant compared to the fake science shielding the epidemics of Diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Criminal corporations decide what is science policy in America. And that policy is to deny any form of liability for the corporations.

With awareness, the stench of evil returns.

The Fictional Story of the TESCO Terrorists

A story of hypothetical British-American terrorism.

MI-6 replaces the managers of Cork’s Patrick’s Street Tesco and upgrades the checkout software and cameras. The target buys some BabyBel cheese which the new self service software rejects since it is not poisoned. A helpful assistant scurries away to get a new bag of the Queen’s (from Snow White) delicious little cheeses. 

The target subconsciously calculates that the delicious little cheeses have been replaced with Snow Whites wicked queen’s cheese. The cheese gets tossed.

Friday June 3 2022 the target buys a bag of delicious Butler’s Chocolates at about 4:00 pm at the Mahon Point TESCO’s while a recovery and retrieval operative is lurking nearby. The target tells himself that that is not a recovery and retrieval operative who is lurking nearby ready to remove the remaining poisoned chocolate from the shelf after the target purchases his passage to hell.

Four days later the target wakes up with symptoms of heart angina after eating only 4 pieces of Butler’s Chocolate in the previous 3 days.

The toxicology analysis of the delicious Butler’s Chocolates is pending.

Many thanks to the British accented ferryman of the Hades Taxi Company. He forwarded my destination to the British then gave them time to set up the poisoning by taking the scenic route. Also, thanks to the people who pulled all the other Taxis out of Cork Center at about 3:00 pm Friday June 3 2022 to enable the Hades Taxi Company.

Where is that report Owen? Or were you told that the target would be dead and don’t waste your time?

The Irish professional class have faithfully served British interests on Irish soil for over 100 years.

Another in a long line of Major General Emmet Dalton British moments in Irish history.

Has my feverish imagination missed anything?

100,000 Megatons of Climate Change

100,000 Megatons of Climate Change and the Mediterranean Bronze Age Collapse.

The City of Damascus is sitting within a 40 kilometer (25 mile) diameter impact crater. Some of the soil has been completely blasted from the surrounding elevated surfaces. Likewise, soil is still present in depressions which had high ground between them and the center of the blast. Vast rocky plateaus have been reshaped and streamlined by the blast. Near the impact the only vertical crags present are on surfaces facing away from the blast.

We have a major impact event which is obviously quite young.

We also have an impact event which is completely missing from the scientific literature.

Lot’s wife was vaporized by an asteroid impact. A vast population surrounding the impact was incinerated, crushed, starved by crop failure, or were permanently traumatized by the instantaneous transformation of their world into a wasteland. If the fireball hadn’t blinded them then the trailing shockwave might have destroyed their hearing.

The scientific literature does describe the abandonment of a lot of places in this region. No living humans does tend to create a gap in archaeology.  But those same archaeologists also knew what information should not be published. The simultaneous appearance of the ubiquitous destruction layer would only be mentioned in passing (literally “keep moving along, nothing to see here”).

There are very few records documenting this vast and simultaneous destruction because survival came before literacy. What could they write? The Egyptians wrote on their disaster stela that the wind stripped people’s clothes off and then hurled them through the air. This was witnessed from the Egyptian southern outpost in Luxor. The Egyptian northern cities had ceased to exist.

The most important question is when did this happen? According to the scientific literature the Damascus impact never happened.  But we do get a lot of tall tales from our Scientific Priesthood filling in their engineered gaps by blaming climate change for the Late Bronze Age collapse.

(work in progress)

Fake American Science

Science is the power of change. Change endangers the criminal nations who maintain the status quo.

You cannot create new products and industries using scientific gibberish that is why fake science was created to maintain the status quo. Real science is quietly doled out to other capitalist team players so that economic democracy cannot gain a foothold.

The ruling class keeps real physics to itself and gives us detached realities like Blackholes and the unsolvable equations of General Relativity.  The empire (the madmen who think that they run the world) have controlled the financing and publication of science for over a century. The current scientific stagnation is the direct result of the empire’s monopolization of science in defense of themselves (the status quo).

No amount of talent or work can produce applications from scientific gibberish like the Standard Model for particle physics. The empire’s wars were also meant to deny any nation a peaceful existence (free to explore science) which would allow them to see through the empire’s fake science.

It appears that madmen are not very good at planning.

The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not warm the planet, the Sun does. The Sun gets hotter and brighter, the Earth gets hotter. The Sun cools down, the Earth cools down. The first question everyone should ask about Global Warming; Is the Sun getting hotter?

Several traitors in Congress forced the Department of Defense to release IP addresses that would allow direct corporate control over the DOD computer network within the Cloud. The Cloud would use these valid military IP addresses to isolate individual users into virtual compartments.  

Communication between those virtual compartments would be controlled by the Cloud Artificial Intelligence. Since the Cloud has an Artificial Intelligence, it can create, delete, or modify any information or messages passing between virtual compartments.

Military and Intelligence Organizations could no longer directly contact each other and compare notes about problems with the intelligence that they are receiving. The cloud can run a script starting a war by sending out false intelligence. The organizations won’t be able to challenge this false intelligence (without going outside the cloud). Going outside of the cloud will mean security clearance revocation by some Deep State asshole.

This is not a hack it is an intentional organization change allowing more efficient corporate control of America. Which still means that the corporations are going to put their enemies against a wall and shoot them.

That is why when you find evidence of gross tampering in the Cloud, the FBI will totally gaslight you. The FBI will then go up the chain of command and find someone (who knows the secret handshake) to remove you.  

I say we get a few hundred thousand of the boys together and go full Tarantino. An American baseball bat against a NAZI AI server.

The FBI was created to monopolize the investigations of the powerful.

Before the FBI was created State Grand Juries could investigate anyone. That was a problem for America’s ruling class. They had a pathological aversion to having anyone telling them what to do (spoiled brats) or obeying laws. So, they created the FBI and the phrase “make it a Federal case” came into use. Making it a Federal Case meant that the States could no longer investigate the rich and powerful. Worked out for everybody.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was a Deep State creature from day one. It started out as a barrel full of rotten apples.

A clarification about definitions.  The Deep State is the corrupt bureaucracy having functional control over the United States. It implements policy set down by powerful individuals and corporations. This executive layer commanding the Deep State is called the Empire. The Empire is a loose international organization. The membership of the Empire can be found under “conspiracy theories”. These theories are reliable enough that any collateral damage will be acceptable. These people will get us all killed.

The Empire has dozens of financial factions jostling for power.  But they all agree that their existence can never be allowed to be proven. My preliminary investigations connecting interstellar asteroids to oil geology was a first step toward proving the Deep State/Empire’s direct control of the Universities and Scientific Agencies of the United States.

The FBI moved against me just because I was looking in a sensitive area of major scientific corruption. They tried to kill me years before I would know the details of their corruption. Without that precise criminal motive I was just another crazy person that the government was trying to kill.

The government’s own scientific publications could be used to prove massive scientific fraud for the advantage of a few oil companies. Entrapments and attempts at assassination by the FBI shredded the FBI’s benevolent “incorruptible Untouchables” cover story.

The FBI’s coverups of false flag events leading up to wars might give the FBI higher victim counts than the Nazi Gestapo. Calling the FBI, “The American Gestapo” is not much of a hyperbole.

The murders of the Kennedys (all 3), MLK, and 9/11 were FBI success stories. The FBI/DOJ’s job is to hide or obscure the coordinated criminal actions (conspiracies) of the Empire. The FBI is the Empire’s boots on American soil.

I was sceptical that such a large conspiracy could exist. My error was in thinking that the larger the conspiracy the more difficult it would be to hide.

Then I discover that I was slowly being poisoned by my pharmacist. My Ramipril had a powerful blood thinner in it making a minor pre-existing medical condition (diverticulitis) nearly lethal.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Assert State’s Rights by initiating Independent State Investigations

The FBI/DOJ cannot assert a monopoly on investigating crimes when they are the criminal suspects. Any rules, regulations, or even laws which prevent the States from investigating the criminal actions of federal agencies is a power grab and Constitutional overreach. An agency which is the only one authorized to investigate itself is by definition a tyranny.

Western State (oil) Governors can force the FBI to stand aside while an independent investigation of National Science Foundation, United States Geological Survey, and NASA regarding secret oil geology is done.  The FBI and DOJ are not a privileged entities under State’s Rights and can therefore be excluded from investigations by those states.

Amendment X The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This means that the States can join together to investigate the Federal Government.

Interstellar asteroid impacts do not exist in the geological literature. This complete absence of any information is proof of scientific corruption on a planetary scale.

Interstellar asteroid impacts create the geological conditions necessary for creating oil. An asteroid impact will NOT directly create oil, it just creates the unique conditions under which oil can form.  This information gave the Empire a monopoly on information on how to easily find oil.

Until recently only seven oil companies on the planet had working access to this knowledge. I am informing the victims of this monopoly (the smaller oil companies) that the US government has played a direct role in screwing them over.


To exploit the secret science of oil creation you have to find when and where those impacts had occurred. The ocean floor has a record of all impacts going back as much as 200 million years.

The Glomar Challenger was built specifically for a long term contract with the American National Science Foundation and University of California Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Tax payer money was used to fund a scientific criminal enterprise of staggering proportions.  

The Effects of Interstellar Impacts on Human History

What if Sodom was destroyed by an interstellar impact flare instead of an asteroid airburst?

Was just one city destroyed or was the entire eastern Mediterranean affected by this apocalyptic event? This could explain the Bronze Age Collapse.

People lived and died to build this civilization and the Empire records over the inconvenient story of their struggles.

Inertia is a physical property of (real) spacetime not a philosophical abstraction.

It is possible that the X37B has been testing GR violating propulsion technology. Unlike the “Warp Field” Science Fiction plot device, the inertial field produces motion at sub-light speeds. If you could “pump” energy directly into a spacecraft’s inertial field it would be a quantum leap for spacecraft propulsion.

New Madrid Missouri USA is sitting above an impact plume (mantle plume). There have been literally thousands of earthquakes (in the last 20 years) in the New Madrid area. Plumes like Yellowstone and New Madrid are seismically active because they are sitting above a big blob of molten rock and potentially a volcano.

The United State Geological Survey has known for a long time about this “mantle“ (impact) plume. The USGS could not publicly recognize the existence of the New Madrid mantle plume because of Big Oils (Seven Sisters) orders to hide the existence of interstellar impacts.

Another big oil secret related to this plume’s path is the absence of oil within it. This plume seems to be younger than about 40 million years.  It appears to have let the oil escape through surface faults, or the mantle plume had cooked the oil to graphite. This halo-zone of dead or missing oil in the Empire’s own Texas backyard alerted big oil to the existence of mantle plumes.

The Apollo program did go to the Moon and did retrieve a lot of Moon rocks. NASA and Houston then lied about the contents and age of those rocks. An interstellar asteroid impact on the Moon about 300 million years ago had created the Seas (dark areas on the near side). Most of the samples returned to the Earth were about this age (300my).  

It is obvious that the Seas are a vast field of basaltic lava. Since Houston and NASA were hiding the existence of Interstellar Asteroids which did create the vast areas of basaltic lava, Houston and NASA had to fake a cause and a date.

Houston created the fictional event the “Late Heavy Bombardment” to explain away a nearly pristine (young) lava field on the Moon was actually an ancient event.

Infinite density also equals infinite spacetime stress (or infinite energy). Long before gravitational attraction can compress matter to a black hole the space time stresses will equal the forces of gravitational contraction. From this point on spacetime stresses will increase faster than gravitational compression. Therefore, the density of matter has a finite limit.

Higher energy X-ray photons and gamma rays can have refractive indexes which result in their total internal reflection by the Sun’s gravitational field. The physical result is that photons with X-ray to gamma ray energies will only have a very narrow angle/window through which they can escape from the Sun.

The reason the corona is so hot is because those trapped high energy photons are interacting with the low density of physical matter present.

Absorbing a single X-ray photon in the 100 electron volt (or above) energy level can raise an atom to 1 million degrees K. No multiple (and improbable) multi-photon absorptions are required

Kings had absolute power so they did not need to conspire to maintain their power. Being the Ruling Class in a democracy is a little bit trickier.


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