Balancing Excess Irish Deaths Against Professional Shame

Is the Problem Real?

There are rumors of a secret plague of excess deaths that Irish health departments are ignoring.

The Irish government should examine this rumor by ordering insurance companies under pain of perjury to release all of the statistics that they have collected on these possible excess deaths.

If these excess deaths have continued after covid has run its course then the cause is unknown. Irish citizens are not statistics and people will continue to die until the causes and treatments for these excess deaths are found.

An investigation like this will cause embarrassment to the current executives of the Irish medical hierarchy. Their potential culpability automatically disqualifies them from participating in any potential investigation.

Those medical executives might also call upon their global social network to shame the Irish Government by calling it intellectually defective or a conspiracy analyst.  People are dying and other people are calling the Irish Government names to prevent an investigation?

The Sad Coincidences of the Irish Revolution

First Emmet Dalton mistakes Michael Collins for a zombie and shoots him behind the ear.

This assassination radically changes the nature of the progressive Irish revolution. Anglican Saint Sir Lucifer descended upon leathery wings to deliver military largess upon their champion in the Civil War that England had planned. After defeating the progressive forces of the IRA, Ireland would become fractured, reactionary, and dominated by a religious and misogynistic hierarchy. Ireland would become the first example of an English Color revolution in the 20th century.  

I bring up this ancient history because Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are both enclaves of the Irish professional class. And if these excess deaths are real, we are dealing with a failure of Irish medical professionals to sound the alarm.

With the insurance statistics Ireland can immediately identify if there is a problem. With those statistics Ireland can shrug off the hypocritical shame that the world will heap upon it for acting in the best interests of Irish citizens.

We Were Never Alone in the Universe

I am a Heathen who can act as an objective referee between the blood Slurpee® drinking Scientists of America and the Christian Creationists. At least the Christians are not reptiles. 

Did you know that an interstellar asteroid can create “mantle plumes,” extinction events, and the geological conditions for oil formation. American scientists did not get the scientific narrative wrong; they got their jobs as American Scientists because they are the best liars. (Google “Interstellar Asteroid Impacts” and “Geology” if you like whitespace).

There was never a single common ancestor for life on Earth. For several billion years Earth was an unairconditioned fixer upper and an asteroid distressed property. The Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary shows multiple asteroid eviction notices addressed to the dinosaurs, not just the one at Chicxulub.

The entertainment value of tossing lying American Scientists into active volcanoes is a pleasure that has to be experienced.

Advanced life on Earth began when Aliens seeded Earth with engineered and specialized phyla in the Ediacaran (before the Cambrian). 

The alien civilization which seeded Earth left behind evidence for phyla specialization in our genetic codes.

A scientific embarrassment called Taxonomically Restricted Genes shows distinct phyla without any possibility for a single common ancestor.  Each phyla appears to be written with its own distinct code and syntax by a galactic civilization which specialized in that phyla.

Why do I say civilization? The hominids (some people and primates), the cetaceans (whales and dolphins), the octopi (octopuses and squids) and the feathered dinosaurs (birds) all show some potential for complex intelligence. Each of these phyla lines were perfected on many worlds before they were brought to Earth. Each intelligent species has ruled entire worlds.  The aliens we see on Earth are much like the aliens that we will be apologizing to in the rest of the universe.

Rather than directly colonizing the Earth with their own complex forms they chose to make something which would be perfectly adapted to the ecological conditions of Earth. At this point in our “evolution” we look and act somewhat like the disappointed Aliens who made us.

The presence of so many lifeforms with the potential for intelligence suggests that there we are supposed to share Earth. It must be noted that something on our dinner plate might have a space armada nearby.

Alienness is already our genetic heritage, we just need to get an alien attitude.

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The Imperial Republic of Pedophiles

Why should 15-year-olds who have the potential to become Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, and Scientists be denied sex with adults? Abstinence and celibacy are just for peasants.

The Great Society which rules over democracy has the burden and trials of leadership.  To properly shape the character of our future leaders shouldn’t they be able to grow up without the stress of unrequited teenage sexual tension?

Pedophile sex is just the first step toward shaping the moral compasses of Democracies Leaders.

Making consensual sex between children and adults the social norm is literally “everybody does it.” A liberal view of sexuality is used within the Great Society to control it with blackmail.  

The problem for the empire is that imperial pedophiles and ordinary pedophiles might have overlapping networks. 

No Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, or Scientist is allowed to assume their positions of power without kissing the ring of the Great Society.  And should the Great Society need to assert their authority they publicly make an example. Prince Andrew was treated by British and American Law Enforcement like he had committed the crimes of Sir Jimmy Savile or Epstein.

Both the Epstein and the Jimmy Saville were pedophiles operating with the protection of the Great Society and the Empire.  Any real investigation could break into the imperial network of pedophiles which is at the heart of the Great Society.

Pedophiles are being protected by the FBI, Department of Justice, and Scotland Yard (Keir Starmer). For the Empire, protecting pedophiles is a legitimate “National Security” issue.

The empire needs pedophilia as a social norm to control the “enlightened” ruling class. The “Great Society” is the executive core of the Imperial Bureaucracy. The Deep State is meant to shield the conspiracy of Imperial tyranny from detection.  How is that working out?

If you assume that all of our democratic leaders are pedophiles then you negate the blackmail powers of the Empire.


My asylum request is being handled by an Irish Department of Justice which also protects pedophiles in Ireland.

Should I be worried?

Mammonite Motto “Constitution Delenda Est”

To Protect Our Power the U. S. Constitution Must Be Destroyed

America’s government bureaucracy serves the cult of Mammon. The worship of money above all else. While calling them Fascists or Nazi’s has some truth, I will call them Mammonites.

The Society which rules the United States has legitimized several moral perversions including the worship of money.

Another perversion is that the victims of their crimes deserve their fate for resisting the enlightened tyranny of their betters.

A few thrive on the suffering of the many. Doesn’t seem very democratic.

But it is a terrible bargain. Has American tyranny given American’s the best infrastructure and the best FREE health care in the world?  If America’s ruling money worshippers are not making the lives of Americans any better why does their media keep telling us that they do?

I have just broken American law.

Title 18 Chapter 115 section § 2385. Advocating Overthrow of Government.

Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or

Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or at tempts to do so; or

By telling you that the American government is corrupt and should be overthrown I am a criminal.

Louis’ Last Theorem

Atomic Bonds and Fake Quarks

I will use the proton as my particle example and temporal Qubits (quantum volumes of time) as the space time model. I suggest that all particles are a volume of space with an internal time rate of zero.

Only at some distance from a proton does the temporal gradient surrounding a proton appear spherical. At the surface of the proton the temporal gradient arises as 6 channels (6 spikes) at 90 degrees to each other. I suggest that the property of temporal shear cancels rather than averages for those Qubits equidistant from the six spikes. As the temporal gradient which began as a spike moves away from the proton it expands into a surface.  A surface which overlaps with other spikes producing something like a sphere.  

Between each of the spikes, temporal shear creates 8 temporal voids where another particle can be lodged to form a bond. But that particle has to have enough kinetic energy to get to that void.

I have 6 temporal spikes which could look like the empire’s 3 fake quarks in collision cross section. The particle itself does not have spikes and voids. The spikes and voids spontaneously arise in the Qubits surrounding a particle.

The temporal voids can collapse the inertial/kinetic field of another particle (a neutron this time) by transforming its kinetic energy into temporal dilation. The impinging neutron is not “captured”, it just stops. The neutron is trapped in a temporal void with its kinetic energy converted to temporal dilation. The temporal dilation of the combined neutron/proton nucleus represents the energy of the atomic bond.

The greater the spatial time dilation caused by overlapping temporal fields (space-time stress) the greater the loss of mass to the particles generating that stress.  

Particles will automatically generate the space time geometry which allows them to snap together into nuclei. Atomic physics is just like playing with space-time Legos. CERN’s particle physics is a story told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

The American’s have reversed the scientific method by transforming particle physics into a dogma of ritualistic group think.  The Americans know that none of the Standard Model is real.

Quarks are the fake foundation for the Standard Model. The Standard Model is a contest about concocting the most outrageous fictional particles with the best liars getting the Nobel Prize. The Standard Model’s Pokémon playing cards are up, down, charm, strange top, and bottom. It includes quantum dice since the Standard Model also denies the existence of direct cause and effect.

Long before the Sun would be cool enough for complex life on Earth, Mars appears to be an early candidate for Alien life seeding.

How long was life present on Mars before it appeared on Earth? A billion years earlier would not be unreasonable.

The first Martian probe (Viking) had a positive detection for life. Currently that detection is said to be invalid because the presence of perchlorates. The designer of the test says that this explanation is bullshit since it would not have been affected by perchlorates. No further tests were ever run, and nothing like a microscope was ever sent to Mars.

America’s Secret Martian War

Initially, the head of Roscosmos Vladimir Popovkin, suggested that the Fobos-Grunt failure might have been the result of sabotage by a foreign nation. BINGO. 8 November 2011

Ft. Detrick wanted those Martian life forms for themselves. The Ultimate Biological weapons! Muahahaha. We really need to put these psychopaths down.

Launched in July 2020 from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan province, the Tianwen 1 robotic probe, named after an ancient Chinese poem, traveled a total of 475 million kilometers and carried out several trajectory maneuvers before entering Martian orbit on Feb 10 2021.

From Wikipedia

The Emirates Mars Mission (Arabic: مشروع الإمارات لاستكشاف المريخ) (translit: mašrū’ al-Imārāt l-āstikšāf al-Murīkh) is a United Arab Emirates Space Agency uncrewed space exploration mission to Mars. The Hope orbiter (Arabic: مسبار الأمل, Misbar Al-Amal) was launched on 19 July 2020,[5] and went into orbit around Mars on 9 February 2021.

The mission design, development, and operations are led by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC).[6] The spacecraft was assembled in the United States at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), with support from Arizona State University (ASU) and the University of California, Berkeley.[7][8]

Two space probes arrive at Mars within one day of each other. And the UAE space probe has a precision fire control radar (just for communications and ramming).

The UAE probe was a hunter-killer satellite sent to destroy the Tianwen1 Chinese spacecraft before it could get to Mars. The Chinese spacecraft “carried out several trajectory maneuvers” because the Chinese knew that the Americans were trying to destroy their spacecraft.

The Chinese were dodging the “UAE” satellite.

Fauci's Failure

The microscope on the Chinese rover Zhurong transmitted to Earth full color photographs of Martian Eukaryotes (Martian life). 

When the Sun first ignited the 5th planet between Mars and Jupiter could have been at the right distance for habitability under a very bright Sun. The dim early sun paradox being more fake physics. A Star starts out bright and then fades just like a campfire.

The clays and hydrous minerals on Ceres would indicate open water and enough gravity for an atmosphere. The presence of large amounts of salts would require large bodies of water with evaporation and concentration of salts from the breakdown of rock by aqueous solutions.

Avenging John F. Kennedy through satire and criminal investigations. Work in progress.

Analogy as a Scaffold for Temporal/Spacetime Physics

Faraday had his lines of force.

This is speculation and an attempt at spacetime world building.

Temporal physics has qubits (quantum volumes of time). They appear to be the sources of time and/or conductor of time. The time span of a qubit is from infinity to zero.

If you remove time from a qubit its rate of time slows down. A mass will remove time from the qubits surrounding it.

But there is a very big catch. The amount of temporal energy which needs to be removed to slow down a qubit from infinity to about one appears to be very small. The amount of time which has to be removed to slow a qubit from one to about zero is at least 15 orders more than from infinity to zero. Time rate energy is asymmetric and increases as you approach zero.

The removal of time/energy from qubits by matter creates a temporal gradient in the qubits surrounding a particle. A particle (the basic subcomponent of mass) appears to be a volume encompassing a zero time rate.

The gradient of time surrounding a mass creates the gravitational field. The force of gravity is the combined result of the time gradient and spacetime geometry.

The property of inertia is a spacetime phenomenon. Inertial energy is the time flow of a moving mass rebuilding its fixed gravitational field as it is moving. The amount of time displaced per second by this process is equal to the inertial energy of the mass.

Falling onto a planetary surface (or a star) causes the displacement of time and time dilation. For a mass to leave a gravity well it must be supplied with enough velocity to cancel its time dilation. Escape velocity and time dilation appear to equal the same amount of energy. Lorentzian time dilation created by velocity does not appear to exist. Velocity does change the temporal properties of a mass but I do not know what those changes are.

Time dilated mass can be directly converted to velocity and kinetic energy if the gravity well in which it is captured disappears. Disappears as in a star blowing up. The expansion of the exploding star causes the time dilation of the mass to decrease and the velocity of the mass/debris to increase. The initial supernova flash was the rupture and release of the energy in a star’s temporal sink.

These files will allow a hobbyist to explore the potential properties of spacetime.

Work in progress and not well documented. Click on Title

Why are the 90 year old experiments (which are the basis for American fake physics) not repeated with modern technology? We have the empire’s interpretation but not the experiments themselves. Would those early experiments survive modern scrutiny?

What is the measured speed of light in water? I am asking about a “time of flight” measurement of the speed of light in water and not the calculation based on its refractive index. Why is such a simple measurement so well hidden by Google?

How about the “time of flight” for different wavelength diodes in a silica fiber?

If the speed of light in water differs significantly from c/1.33 = .75*c then optical physics is built on a lie. The Blackhole is a fake, the neutrino is a fake, so what is the actual speed of light in water and silica?

Reality was a troublesome framework so General Relativity utilized special frames of reference which excluded reality. Big lies like General Relativity are built on small lies, so how big of a lie is the actual speed of light in water or a silica fiber?

Based on the dispersion (temporal spread between different frequencies of light) in silica, the speed of light in water or silica appears to be greater than .98 * c (NOT .75 or .685).

If the speed of light is only .685 c in silica why hasn’t the industry used a material with a lower “refractive index”. If the actual speed of light in silica was actually .98 c or higher then there would not be any need to find a faster material.

Click on title for MatLab Files.

The basis of spacetime is time. Specifically, the rate of time.

A particle has a rate of time near zero within its volume.

% temporal_matter_energy

c = 299792458;

c_j = c^2/2 ; % Convert c^2 velocity to energy

mass_neutron = 1.674927498e-27; % Kilograms Verified to Codata

r_neutron = 8.31e-16 ; %

e_neutron = 1.674927498e-27 * c_j ; %

vol_neutron = (4/3)* pi() * r_neutron^3 ;

e_neutron_meter = e_neutron * (1/vol_neutron); % 3.1312e+34 Joules

A cubic meter volume of space at a time rate of zero (like a Black Hole) has an energy content of 3.1312e+34 Joules. Which is why Black Holes do not exist.

Proton-Proton repulsion is fantastically exaggerated by the empire to cover up the temporal repulsion between nucleons.

Giant stars and large atomic nuclei are both hollow because of the temporal sink. The temporal sink is the point where all the mass (giant stars) and all the nucleons (large nuclei) are removing time.

The incredible energy of the temporal sink can exclude both matter and nucleons.

The American’s Black Hole is an intentional perversion of the fundamental physics of spacetime.


The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not warm the planet, the Sun does. The Sun gets hotter and brighter, the Earth gets hotter. The Sun cools down, the Earth cools down. The first question everyone should ask about Global Warming; Is the Sun getting hotter?

Several traitors in Congress forced the Department of Defense to release IP addresses that would allow direct corporate control over the DOD computer network within the Cloud. The Cloud would use these valid military IP addresses to isolate individual users into virtual compartments.  

Communication between those virtual compartments would be controlled by the Cloud Artificial Intelligence. Since the Cloud has an Artificial Intelligence, it can create, delete, or modify any information or messages passing between virtual compartments.

Military and Intelligence Organizations could no longer directly contact each other and compare notes about problems with the intelligence that they are receiving. The cloud can run a script starting a war by sending out false intelligence. The organizations won’t be able to challenge this false intelligence (without going outside the cloud). Going outside of the cloud will mean security clearance revocation by some Deep State asshole.

This is not a hack it is an intentional organization change allowing more efficient corporate control of America. Which still means that the corporations are going to put their enemies against a wall and shoot them.

That is why when you find evidence of gross tampering in the Cloud, the FBI will totally gaslight you. The FBI will then go up the chain of command and find someone (who knows the secret handshake) to remove you.  

I say we get a few hundred thousand of the boys together and go full Tarantino. An American baseball bat against a NAZI AI server.

The FBI was created to monopolize the investigations of the powerful.

Before the FBI was created State Grand Juries could investigate anyone. That was a problem for America’s ruling class. They had a pathological aversion to having anyone telling them what to do (spoiled brats) or obeying laws. So, they created the FBI and the phrase “make it a Federal case” came into use. Making it a Federal Case meant that the States could no longer investigate the rich and powerful. Worked out for everybody.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was a Deep State creature from day one. It started out as a barrel full of rotten apples.

A clarification about definitions.  The Deep State is the corrupt bureaucracy having functional control over the United States. It implements policy set down by powerful individuals and corporations. This executive layer commanding the Deep State is called the Empire. The Empire is a loose international organization. The membership of the Empire can be found under “conspiracy theories”. These theories are reliable enough that any collateral damage will be acceptable. These people will get us all killed.

The Empire has dozens of financial factions jostling for power.  But they all agree that their existence can never be allowed to be proven. My preliminary investigations connecting interstellar asteroids to oil geology was a first step toward proving the Deep State/Empire’s direct control of the Universities and Scientific Agencies of the United States.

The FBI moved against me just because I was looking in a sensitive area of major scientific corruption. They tried to kill me years before I would know the details of their corruption. Without that precise criminal motive I was just another crazy person that the government was trying to kill.

The government’s own scientific publications could be used to prove massive scientific fraud for the advantage of a few oil companies. Entrapments and attempts at assassination by the FBI shredded the FBI’s benevolent “incorruptible Untouchables” cover story.

The FBI’s coverups of false flag events leading up to wars might give the FBI higher victim counts than the Nazi Gestapo. Calling the FBI, “The American Gestapo” is not much of a hyperbole.

The murders of the Kennedys (all 3), MLK, and 9/11 were FBI success stories. The FBI/DOJ’s job is to hide or obscure the coordinated criminal actions (conspiracies) of the Empire. The FBI is the Empire’s boots on American soil.

I was sceptical that such a large conspiracy could exist. My error was in thinking that the larger the conspiracy the more difficult it would be to hide.

Then I discover that I was slowly being poisoned by my pharmacist. My Ramipril had a powerful blood thinner in it making a minor pre-existing medical condition (diverticulitis) nearly lethal.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Assert State’s Rights by initiating Independent State Investigations

The FBI/DOJ cannot assert a monopoly on investigating crimes when they are the criminal suspects. Any rules, regulations, or even laws which prevent the States from investigating the criminal actions of federal agencies is a power grab and Constitutional overreach. An agency which is the only one authorized to investigate itself is by definition a tyranny.

Western State (oil) Governors can force the FBI to stand aside while an independent investigation of National Science Foundation, United States Geological Survey, and NASA regarding secret oil geology is done.  The FBI and DOJ are not a privileged entities under State’s Rights and can therefore be excluded from investigations by those states.

Amendment X The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This means that the States can join together to investigate the Federal Government.

Interstellar asteroid impacts do not exist in the geological literature. This complete absence of any information is proof of scientific corruption on a planetary scale.

Interstellar asteroid impacts create the geological conditions necessary for creating oil. An asteroid impact will NOT directly create oil, it just creates the unique conditions under which oil can form.  This information gave the Empire a monopoly on information on how to easily find oil.

Until recently only seven oil companies on the planet had working access to this knowledge. I am informing the victims of this monopoly (the smaller oil companies) that the US government has played a direct role in screwing them over.

To exploit the secret science of oil creation you have to find when and where those impacts had occurred. The ocean floor has a record of all impacts going back as much as 200 million years.

The Glomar Challenger was built specifically for a long term contract with the American National Science Foundation and University of California Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Tax payer money was used to fund a scientific criminal enterprise of staggering proportions.  

The Effects of Interstellar Impacts on Human History

What if Sodom was destroyed by an interstellar impact flare instead of an asteroid airburst?

Was just one city destroyed or was the entire eastern Mediterranean affected by this apocalyptic event? This could explain the Bronze Age Collapse.

People lived and died to build this civilization and the Empire records over the inconvenient story of their struggles.

Inertia is a physical property of (real) spacetime not a philosophical abstraction.

It is possible that the X37B has been testing GR violating propulsion technology. Unlike the “Warp Field” Science Fiction plot device, the inertial field produces motion at sub-light speeds. If you could “pump” energy directly into a spacecraft’s inertial field it would be a quantum leap for spacecraft propulsion.

New Madrid Missouri USA is sitting above an impact plume (mantle plume). There have been literally thousands of earthquakes (in the last 20 years) in the New Madrid area. Plumes like Yellowstone and New Madrid are seismically active because they are sitting above a big blob of molten rock and potentially a volcano.

The United State Geological Survey has known for a long time about this “mantle“ (impact) plume. The USGS could not publicly recognize the existence of the New Madrid mantle plume because of Big Oils (Seven Sisters) orders to hide the existence of interstellar impacts.

Another big oil secret related to this plume’s path is the absence of oil within it. This plume seems to be younger than about 40 million years.  It appears to have let the oil escape through surface faults, or the mantle plume had cooked the oil to graphite. This halo-zone of dead or missing oil in the Empire’s own Texas backyard alerted big oil to the existence of mantle plumes.

The Apollo program did go to the Moon and did retrieve a lot of Moon rocks. NASA and Houston then lied about the contents and age of those rocks. An interstellar asteroid impact on the Moon about 300 million years ago had created the Seas (dark areas on the near side). Most of the samples returned to the Earth were about this age (300my).  

It is obvious that the Seas are a vast field of basaltic lava. Since Houston and NASA were hiding the existence of Interstellar Asteroids which did create the vast areas of basaltic lava, Houston and NASA had to fake a cause and a date.

Houston created the fictional event the “Late Heavy Bombardment” to explain away a nearly pristine (young) lava field on the Moon was actually an ancient event.

Higher energy X-ray photons and gamma rays can have refractive indexes which result in their total internal reflection by the Sun’s gravitational field. The physical result is that photons with X-ray to gamma ray energies will only have a very narrow angle/window through which they can escape from the Sun.

The reason the corona is so hot is because those trapped high energy photons are interacting with the low density of physical matter present.

Absorbing a single X-ray photon in the 100 electron volt (or above) energy level can raise an atom to 1 million degrees K. No multiple (and improbable) multi-photon absorptions are required

Kings had absolute power so they did not need to conspire to maintain their power. Being the Ruling Class in a democracy is a little bit trickier.


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This story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this narrative are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, historical events, or real conspiracies should be inferred.