The Power of Corrupted Science Revealed

US Geological Survey Motto “What is yours is actually ours.”

The USGS are pirates masquerading as geologists. The USGS knows more about the mineral wealth of a country than do its own geologists. Think of the USGS as a bunch of heels clicking Indiana Joneses (the bad guys).

Interstellar asteroid impacts do not exist in the geological literature. This complete absence of any information is proof of scientific corruption on a planetary scale.

Interstellar asteroid impacts create the geological conditions necessary for creating oil. An asteroid impact will NOT directly create oil, it just creates the unique conditions under which oil can form.  This information gave the Empire a monopoly on information on how to easily find oil.

Until recently only seven oil companies on the planet had working access to this knowledge. I am informing the victims of this monopoly (the smaller oil companies) that the US government has played a direct role in screwing them over.


The Effects of Interstellar Impacts on Human History

What if Sodom was destroyed by an interstellar impact flare instead of an asteroid airburst?

Was just one city destroyed or was the entire eastern Mediterranean affected by this apocalyptic event? This could explain the Bronze Age Collapse.

People lived and died to build this civilization and the Empire records over the inconvenient story of their struggles.

Inertia is a physical property of (real) spacetime not a philosophical abstraction.

It is possible that the X37B has been testing GR violating propulsion technology. Unlike the “Warp Field” Science Fiction plot device, the inertial field produces motion at sub-light speeds. If you could “pump” energy directly into a spacecraft’s inertial field it would be a quantum leap for spacecraft propulsion.

To exploit the secret science of oil creation you have to find when and where those impacts had occurred. The ocean floor has a record of all impacts going back as much as 200 million years.

The Glomar Challenger was built specifically for a long term contract with the American National Science Foundation and University of California Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Tax payer money was used to fund a scientific criminal enterprise of staggering proportions.  

New Madrid Missouri USA is sitting above an impact plume (mantle plume). There have been literally thousands of earthquakes (in the last 20 years) in the New Madrid area. Plumes like Yellowstone and New Madrid are seismically active because they are sitting above a big blob of molten rock and potentially a volcano.

The United State Geological Survey has known for a long time about this “mantle“ (impact) plume. The USGS could not publicly recognize the existence of the New Madrid mantle plume because of Big Oils (Seven Sisters) orders to hide the existence of interstellar impacts.

Another big oil secret related to this plume’s path is the absence of oil within it. This plume seems to be younger than about 40 million years.  It appears to have let the oil escape through surface faults, or the mantle plume had cooked the oil to graphite. This halo-zone of dead or missing oil in the Empire’s own Texas backyard alerted big oil to the existence of mantle plumes.

The Apollo program did go to the Moon and did retrieve a lot of Moon rocks. NASA and Houston then lied about the contents and age of those rocks. An interstellar asteroid impact on the Moon about 300 million years ago had created the Seas (dark areas on the near side). Most of the samples returned to the Earth were about this age (300my).  

It is obvious that the Seas are a vast field of basaltic lava. Since Houston and NASA were hiding the existence of Interstellar Asteroids which did create the vast areas of basaltic lava, Houston and NASA had to fake a cause and a date.

Houston created the fictional event the “Late Heavy Bombardment” to explain away a nearly pristine (young) lava field on the Moon was actually an ancient event.

A man’s mind must understand what his eyes bring. After reading this what do you see?

Can you see the slow turning of the wheel bringing tyranny high again?

“But if the cause be not good, the king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make,”

We have people in America who are as above the law as any king.

Whose cause was served by hiding the connection between oil and interstellar asteroids?

Everyone with a security clearance should get this information.

This information comes with a painful choice.

Better a terrible choice, than no choice at all.

The Hierarchy and Bureaucracy of the Imperial Machine

Kings had absolute power so they did not need to conspire to maintain their power. Being the Ruling Class in a democracy is a little bit trickier.