The Eastern Mediterranean Sapropels

Our ancestors told stories around campfires about a doom from the sky.

A sapropel is a young immature black shale. The Eastern Mediterranean Sapropels indicate interstellar impacts while humans were trying to create a civilization. The youngest sapropel is named S-1 with the next oldest S-2 etc. There is something like 80 such sapropels within the last 500,000 years. The true time span might be half that.

The Empire is in the details.

The Empire knows that the Mediterranean sapropels document interstellar impacts in or near the eastern Mediterranean.  Therefore, all of the published information regarding sapropels is either incomplete or distorted.  The actual dates and areal extents of those sapropels could match up with major events or interruptions in western civilization.

(Speculation) We have a recent sapropel S-1 of unknown factual age. Is it a European marker for the Younger Dryas?  How many of these 80 sapropels overlap with human’s attempts at civilization?

Another problem related to the destruction of Sodom is that not all interstellar impacts leave sapropels and black shales. A smaller asteroid mass or not enough velocity and an interstellar impact flare could still dwarf a nuclear weapon while not producing any distinctive geological markers. It could look like an instant volcano with a singular eruption producing an ash layer over a vast area.

If no sapropel matches the time period of 3000 to 3600 years bp (destruction of Sodom) then we may be looking at a smaller impact. This is logical, since larger events capable of generating either a sapropel or a Twilight appear to knock human civilizations back into the stone age. The “Sodom” impact appears to have paused human civilization not destroyed it.