Impact Plasma Flare

Step into the light: The Impact Plasma Flare

Step into the light screaming, The Impact Plasma Flare.

The plasma flare created by an interstellar impact unleashes stellar energies upon the Earth’s surface. This scenario is based on a 3 kilometer diameter asteroid impacting at 500kms. The absence of this phenomena from the scientific literature illuminates the conspiracy which suppressed it.

A 1-kilogram mass moving at 500,000 meters per second (500 kms) has 125,000,000,000 joules of kinetic energy. That is 125 million joules per gram. For a gram of water, the specific heat is about 4.2 joules per degree centigrade. A rough calculation results in a temperature of 29.7 million degrees for that gram of water. That is hotter than the Sun’s core.

At this velocity (>500kms) an interstellar asteroid will punch through the crust and detonate hundreds of kilometers below the surface. The chamber which contained the detonation is analogous to a rocket engine’s combustion chamber. The path cut to the surface will act like a rocket’s exhaust nozzle, blasting vaporized rock into space. 

If we assume that the asteroid has vaporized 30 times its own weight in rock, we are still looking at a temperature of nearly 1 million degrees C. Millions of tons of vaporized rock at 1 million degrees will blast out of the impact point as a collimated jet or flare.

This flare of vaporized rock is blasting material directly into space. A lot of this material will achieve escape velocity and never fall back to Earth. The mass (weight) and temperature of an atom will determine its velocity and whether it escapes or falls back. The heaviest natural element Uranium is highly concentrated in the material which will fall back.  This column of fire rises past the atmosphere cooling and expanding.  The jet is so bright that every living thing within line of sight will be flash cremated.

The Empire’s fictional airburst explanation for the Libyan Glass does not stand up to scrutiny. An airburst is a very short term event lasting a few seconds at its peak intensity. An interstellar jet might fire for hundreds of seconds obliterating everything in sight with a million megatons of thermal and optical energy. The creation of the Libyan Glass is better explained by the interstellar impact Arkenu structures found nearby in south eastern Libya.

The geological process of impact flares (and its unique kill mechanism) is completely missing from the scientific literature. The uranium concentrations produced by this phenomenon are found in the source rock for oil. The metalliferous organically enriched black shale is an easily visible interstellar impact marker within the geological record.