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Programming the Department of Defense into Amazon’s Virtual Matrix

Four months after the fact we find out that the Defense Information Systems Agency allows the secret transfer or sale of military IPv4 addresses. This intentionally creates a huge security hole. These IP addresses greatly simplify mirroring or deceiving the DOD’s end users within the AWS cloud. I will rename these Trojan IP as TIP.

The Deep State and Amazon need those TIP IPv4 addresses since there is too much DOD code and electronics that only recognizes those addresses. Any code changes producing addresses outside of those military addresses will crash the programs and generate alarms. The more code you change the more glitches in the Matrix. Too many glitches and the American military might become aware that they have been placed into a virtual world.  

You mirror the DOD by copying all of the devices and nodes to addresses within the Trojan IP (the Matrix). You can replace the original addresses in the operating code with a simple find and replace routine or an and/or switch within the Cloud. It will work as long as the hard coded security measures located at the end users allow the new addresses.

This hidden and/or switch coding might be visible to the end users if they know where to look.  If that coding can be changed to allow operation on the Trojan IP, then you have been compromised. Go sideways within your organization rather than reporting this corruption to your boss. Communicate your findings with other units so that by the time your bosses find out there are too many witnesses (or they still kill all of you).  

After the coded switch is activated the DOD’s connections to the outside world become virtual. Normal events and communications might still appear to work. Except that all of the DOD’s communications will now be rerouted through the virtual Matrix addresses.

All of the DOD’s activity in the Matrix will now be under the total control of an Amazon Artificial Intelligence. It will then begin deploying the script written by the Deep State/Empire.

Any messages sent by the DOD end users regarding system anomalies (the Matrix isn’t perfect) will be acknowledged as received (when it was blocked). Rather than deleting the message the AI could garble or change the narrative or subject of the message. Unless you ask the right questions (on the phone, NSA willing) of the recipient you will not know that the message has been modified.

That script will probably start a war. Or distract and confuse the Military while the Empire slaughters gun owners (maybe both).

Amazon’ Cloud Endorsed by CIA, NSA, and the NAZI Chamber of Commerce

The Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency are leading IC cloud development; the NSA’s privately hosted cloud was launched in 2013. Importantly, it was made available to users on new and legacy systems so that personnel on any of its systems could use it. The cloud built by Amazon Web Services at the behest of the CIA will be a shared resource for services on an as-needed basis. Intelligence agencies can order a variety of services like storage, computing, analytics, database services or application hosting. Both clouds will work in complementary fashion, according to senior CIA officials.

See nothing to worry about. America’s most secretive, paranoid, and criminal organizations say that Amazon’s Cloud is perfectly safe.

Those millions of lines of Cloud code designed to manipulate, deceive, and subvert the Department of Defense are the work of Russian hackers. Congress was tricked into ordering those IP addresses secretly transferred to Amazon. Repeat after me “The Deep State does not exist” (except for those millions of lines of code).

The Matrix Is Not Perfect

Has your organization sent or received any messages from the Trojan IPs? The American government will not directly notify you about the address ranges of the Trojan IP addresses (since this is a conspiracy).

Many news articles talk about a sudden increase of activity in these inactive IPs. What if the Matrix going online caused the surge in communications to these dormant addresses? Because the DOD has lots of legacy computers running different languages the Cloud could not generate perfect code. Because of these coding differences, a lot of the physical installations would have inadvertently used their hardline internet when the Matrix booted up. The sharp rise in Trojan IP activity may have been the result of expected leaks in the Matrix. The Amazon Cloud intentionally caused the buggy software to announce itself while everybody’s attention was on the inauguration in Washington D.C.

Were there any unusual schedule or staff changes at your organization around the day of the inauguration? The Deep State would have had their personnel present to correct the bugs while nobody was looking. Some locations might have gone offline (or shutdown) until vetted saboteurs could show up and correct the leaks in the Matrix.

If your hardware has ever connected to the Trojan IPS (especially in January 2021) then your software has been tampered with by/or in the Cloud.

Next: Is your Federal Government administrator a jerk or a traitor? Don’t contact the New York Times or the Washington Post if you don’t want to be killed by the FBI (or private contractors).  

Deep Planning by the Deep State, Amazon and Traitors in Congress


Page 225

Section 1088–Disposal of IPv4 Addresses

    This section would require the Department of Defense to

sell certain IPv4 addresses at fair market value. This section

would also require the Secretary of Defense to submit a report

to the congressional defense committees not later than 180 days

after the date of the enactment of this Act on the disposal of

certain IPv4 addresses, an accounting of the total number of

IPv4 address holdings of the Department of Defense, and the

plan of the Secretary to transition all Department addresses to

IPv6. Finally, this section would limit the obligation or

expenditure of funds for fiscal year 2020 to 70 percent of

funds for the Office of the Secretary of Defense for travel

until the Secretary submits this report.

Why would anyone in Congress give a shit about a few IP addresses? Why do all of the news articles covering this story refer to the Trojan IPs as being valuable or hacker traps?

Selling those IPv4 addresses was on somebody’s secret agenda. Why would congress need to threaten the DOD to sell a few IP addresses?

Who was pushing and backing this bill? Congress was slapping around the DOD (30% cut) to create a trivial law.  Except that this trivial law would allow the Cloud to destroy or subvert the DOD’s communications. Who worked so hard to get this trivial treason passed by Congress? Get their names.


The Space Force Move and Amazon Treason

The Space Force is being moved from Colorado Springs to Huntsville Alabama for a secret reason.

It is being moved so that it is close enough to an Amazon Web Services installation for the AWS’s AI to take control and operate Space Force’s assets.

At some point in the future the Starlink “Internet” will be operating drones over American soil in order to disarm those not “loyal” to the Empire. While this is happening, the American Military has to be kept confused and off balance. The American military could find and destroy the physical servers and the AI that was killing Americans if the AWS Cloud was not scrambling its communications and distorting its intelligence.

There has to be Take-Over-the-World War College in America for this many conspiracies to be running 😊. The FBI’s attack on me proves whose side they are on.

J. Edgar Hoover (The Cloud) manufactures crimes for the FBI

Anyone who becomes a threat to the Matrix will have criminal or espionage evidence programmed onto them. This evidence will of course come to the attention of the gestapo FBI.

A military officer who looks where they shouldn’t look will have evidence planted indicating that they communicated secret information to a Deep State journalist (oxymoron). That DS journalist will contact the FBI. Several “secret” FBI investigations might already be going on and several loyal personnel may have already been transferred or forced to resign. (General Flynn redux)