Stellar Aberration

Stellar Aberration was the harbinger of space-time

Stellar Aberration was the harbinger of space-time. The Empire’s science is based on the sorcerer’s model. Not only does the Empire keep the information to itself, the outside world does not even know that the information exists.

The annual Stellar Aberration term is the visible effect of the Sun’s inertial field warping space in the direction of the Sun’s galactic path. Imagine a convex lens above the Sun. The Earth is off center near the edge of that lens. Stars near the center of that lens have their rays bent. As the earth orbits the Sun the light from those stars gets bent in a different direction. The apparent position of those stars traces out a circle over the year. Stellar aberration is the refraction of light by space-time.

The Empire suspected the existence of space-time before Einstein was out of diapers. The Empire combined clock rate differences with stellar aberration to create space-time. The Empire knew that time was the key to space-time. That is why the Empire seized upon and promoted General Relativity. The core of GR is based on gravitation not time. The empire also understood that the Einstein Field Equations are mathematical quicksand and irrelevant to understanding space-time.

Kepler and Newton can be done by a competent mathematician. General Relativity cannot be solved by anyone. The Black Hole solution is utterly ridiculous. The Empire replaced sound mathematics with bullshit and the Empire had the funding and media power to enforce it.

The Empire controls science on this planet. The cutting edge of science will only be seen after it is already at the public’s throat. Medieval Lords had armored knights and the Empire will have robots and flying saucers.

A Chorus of prestigious scientists (and/or idiots) praises this doppelganger science as omniscient and infallible.

You now see the perfection of the Empire’s control of information.