The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it. – John Hay

Humor me.

While investigating a potential uranium strip mine (in the watershed of a drinking reservoir) the following will happen to me.

I am arrested in a Federal Building.

I am transferred to State control in a police car in the basement of the Federal Building.

I am thrown into a mental/crisis center for psychological evaluation.

I am never given a mental evaluation by anyone.

After a week in the crisis center I am brought before a Judge.  A Doctor who has never spoken to me testifies that I am a paranoid schizophrenic. The Judge orders me to confinement and involuntary drug treatment. Curiously the Judge orders that I be specifically treated with the drug Risperdal. This class of drug is listed as an allergy in my medical files.

I am ordered confined and drugged with oral Risperdal at maximum dosage without ramping up. Risperdal affects the body much like a nerve agent weakening the diaphragm muscles, making breathing difficult. I declined to take another maximum oral dosage since I could barely stand up or even breathe.

I was then forced to take a 30 day long term injectable form of the drug. I had seen what they had did to people who did not take the shots voluntarily.

“Habeas Corpus” is a spell I learned at Hogwarts. I had discussed using this legal defense with another patient/FBI agent. At that time (I found out later) under State law they could not hold me longer than 45 days without appearing before a different Judge, so they released me. Withdrawal from Risperdal makes me quite suicidal which is why that class of drug is listed as an allergy in my medical files. Though benztropine did lessen the nerve agent effects of the Risperdal.

It took more than six weeks for the long duration injections to wear off.

I tried to sell blood plasma but someone notified the center (while I was there) and they asked me some questions that they had never asked me, like had I been institutionalized. Information which should not have been on any database they could access.

My FBI surveillance also had a very good reason for prevent me from selling plasma. My blood had a significant amount of blood thinners in it. Except I was not taking any blood thinners.

I found employment in a corporate retailing giant’s electronics department at 50 cents above the minimum wage.

One day one of my supervisors puts some pistol ammo on the counter and orders me to sell it to a customer. I refuse. Later on, I look up the laws related to ammo and discover that it is a felony for someone to sell ammo after they had been committed to a mental institution. It is a Federal Crime which is enforced by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. My retail giant supervisor was actually FBI (probability 80%).

Up until this point I had some doubts that maybe I was actually doing something wrong and that people were overreacting. Now I knew with absolute certainty that the FBI/government were trying to destroy me.

Now comes the ironic part.

That retailing giant fired me. A few months later I couldn’t even afford the 12 dollars for 3 months of blood pressure medications at that same retailer.

I ran out of medication and a severe intestinal bleeding problem that I was experiencing was reduced by 95% in 48 hours.  The retailer who had tried to entrap me had also poisoned my medications with a blood thinner. That is why they had to stop me from selling my blood plasma. The plasma center would have immediately notified me if they had found blood thinner in my plasma.

If you think that the Empire is after you, get paper prescriptions and get them filled at random pharmacies. In the next 3 years as many as two other prescriptions (at different pharmacies) had sub optimal effects.

The Empire appears to be using pharmacists to quietly eliminate any perceived threats. The poisons simulate a pre-existing medical condition before becoming lethal in a few months. The poisons have to be placed into the medication before they are turned into tablets. The Empire appears to have a central laboratory for generating these “individualized” prescriptions.

Before escaping to Ottawa Canada, I had rationed my final prescriptions because I was having difficulty getting them filled at all. When I made my decision not to get on the plane back to America, I resumed my prescriptions. In less than 12 hours I was pissing copious amounts of blood.

One further detail about the American State where I was forcibly drugged. That state had passed a law that would allow them to force anybody to take their medications. That law was scheduled to go into effect about 4 months after I left.

Three years after my involuntary drugging I found the connection between Interstellar Asteroids and Oil.

I invite you to read my posts. But be very careful about discussing this information.

Those are not honey bees!

I had already found an odd geological outcropping in the southwest section of Lake Stanley Draper. It appears that crayfish burrows had been lined (filled in) with a very hard rock. The core of this infilling was a soft red-purple changing to a bright yellow mineral.  Some parts of the outcropping could have been igneous (lava?).  The yellow mineral was either carnotite (a uranium vanadium ore) or limonite (a form of iron). The lake had measurable quantities of uranium but was said to be drinkable.  I was investigating a mining marker on a map on the northeast side of the lake. A mining site was indicated to be about 200 meters upslope of the lake. The southeast outcropping and other geological markers appear to line up with the mining symbol on the other side of the lake.

I dressed in my intrepid explorer outfit, a floral shirt, wide brimmed hat, machete, geological hammer, camera, and GPS. I parked my car as close as possible and started walking. I had my GPS on so that I could map out any outcrops that I ran across. This was so I could easily find them later. I logged a few small outcroppings until I came to ravine that had cut through the clay soil. Near the end of the ravine I found some bees.

There were two species present. One was a digger bee (like a bald bumble bee) which would dig holes into the clay and then build a circular larval chamber which they lined with wax. After the digger bees abandoned these chambers the honey bees would use them to raise their own young. Pretty damned weird.

I took a few pictures and logged it with my GPS. At that point someone a few hundred meters away started up a very noisy chainsaw.

I immediately realized my error. These “honey bees” started bumping me. Bees will start bumping you before they start stinging you. These were instead “killer bees” and they are incredibly aggressive. That chainsaw had turned on their “kill” switch. I only got fifty meters away from the nest when I had to stop and remain perfectly silent. There was a trail of them leading back to the nest. After a while they lost interest and I moved through dense brush in a panic ignoring the dangers from ticks and thorns.

I had to ignore my GPS since it seemed to be leading me in circles (the temperature was in the 90’s or +35c).  I switched off my GPS and headed straight for the traffic noise that I could hear. The brush was so dense, a street could be 10 meters away and you could not see it.

I finally got clear of the brush, thirsty and overheated. I got to my car and literally pulled off about 20 ticks.  I drank more than a liter of water.

When I got home, I checked the GPS locations that I had logged. According to Google everything that I had logged was within 20 feet of where I had parked my car. I had travelled over 100 meters yet my GPS data said that I had never gotten farther than 20 feet from my car.  

The FBI knew that this uranium strip mine had biological guards (also used by marijuana farmers) and had triggered them using a chainsaw. My position was being been monitored and they knowingly turned on the chainsaw when they knew I was inside the killer bee’s attack perimeter. My GPS was giving me erroneous information as I tried to escape the trap.

All of the outcropping data had been “spoofed” by a GPS spoofer operated by the FBI near my car. GPS Spoofers are illegal to operate except by the government.  

The potential uranium strip mine that I was investigating was likely dug by the Kerr-McGee corporation renowned (Karen Silkwood) for their corruption in the Uranium Industry. A corporate officer had even died in office (or a brothel) as an Oklahoma United States Senator. The drainage form this “potential” uranium mine was a threat to everyone drinking the water from the Lake Stanley Draper.

Now you know my reason for my being in the Federal Building where I was arrested for turning over an officer’s name tag (so I could see their name). This Gestapo Jerk who triggered my arrest in the Federal Building had his identification on a OSBI lanyard. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is a State organization not Federal.

This would also explain my transfer from Federal custody to State custody without any hearing in the basement of the Federal Building.

My previous visits that day to the US Attorney’s offices had tipped off both the FBI and the Empire. This Gestapo Jerk had been sent to the security checkpoints of the Federal Building to intercept me before I could get to a judge.

I am glad that I could not see the future. This shit was going to get deep.

And I still didn’t know about the Empire yet.


The bees and the chainsaw appear to be coincidences only if you exclude the FBI spoofing of my GPS. The FBI were obviously at this same place at the same time as the bee attack.

The retail supervisor who ordered me to sell ammo might have been making a harmless mistake. Except that by company policy and State and Federal Law he would have known that only authorized persons in Sporting Goods were allowed to sell ammo.