The Phenomena of the Solar Corona

A Potential Cause for the Solar Corona’s Temperature (A Speculation)

The gravitational prism effect is visible in the Sun’s limb darkening.  What other secret spacetime phenomena are also present?

How about the rather curious million degree temperature of the Solar Corona?

Both the Alfven wave and magnetic reconnection official explanations look like more of the same imperial cloaca products. Magnetic reconnection looks more like voodoo and Alfven waves don’t seem to have the ability to focus or concentrate energy to the 200X higher levels that we observe in the Solar Corona.

The gravitational prism seen in limb darkening is produced by the unequal refraction of photons by the gravitational/temporal gradient of the Sun.  This prism is non-corporeal, it is a gradient in a temporal field (aka gravitational field) of the Sun.

Another apparent property of this field is that the higher the energy of a photon, the greater will its path be bent. Therefore, higher energy photons have a larger effective refractive index.

Higher energy X-ray photons and gamma rays can have refractive indexes which result in their total internal reflection by the Sun’s gravitational field. The physical result is that photons with X-ray to gamma ray energies will only have a very narrow angle/window through which they can escape from the Sun. The temporal gradient of the Sun has trapped those X-ray photons and gamma rays just above the surface of the Sun.

The reason the corona is so hot is because those trapped high energy photons are interacting with the physical matter which is present.

Absorbing a single X-ray photon in the 100 electron volt (or above) energy level can raise an atom to 1 million degrees K in a single step event. No multiple (and improbable) multi-photon absorptions are required.