Asteroid Bennu Must Die Lessons from “Don’t Look Up”

The asteroid Bennu has a high probability of hitting the Earth (guessing > %90).  A bigger problem for American science is that Bennu is a rubble pile asteroid made from hydrated clay which was blasted free from Canada. A hydrated rubble pile which was not melted or subjected to enough pressure to remove any of the Canadian terrestrial fossils it might contain.

The problem for America is that if you scatter Bennu in the near future (with a nuclear detonation) there is a strong possibility that parts of Canada containing fossils might land on Earth.  And America’s rulers would prefer to delay that detonation until they have achieved absolute power and cannot be held accountable for their past crimes. (StarLink/SkyNet-Walmart Drones/Amazon Web services Artificial Intelligences) Gun confiscation at the push of a button. Satellite internet with terminators for customer service.

The Americans would never give you a 90% probability for Bennu impacting since you would destroy it now.  And then that scattered rubble pile would produce meteorites from a known body.  Meteorites which might contain Canadian fossils which would collapse 100 years of fake meteorite science.  The Americans always had the same scientific priority, hiding their crimes and making money.

This situation duplicates that scene in “Don’t Look Up” where they stop the asteroid  deflection attempt when they discover that the asteroid might be valuable. In this case, the Americans are willing to risk a 1200 megaton explosion to protect oil secrets and 100 years of criminal science.  The movie “Don’t Look Up” plagiarized actual American scientific policies which have been in place for decades.

Canadian Asteroid Bennu the Hydrated Clay Popper

Bennu is spitting out rocks because it is made from Canadian hydrated clay that has only been in space since the Younger Dryas impact.  The mixing on the surface keeps bringing fresh hydrated rock to the surface where solar heating turns the water content of the rock into steam (in a vacuum) causing it to spit rock fragments and dislodge surrounding rock fragments.  Put a hydrated claystone in a vacuum and hit it with a laser. Pad the chamber since the reaction might be more energetic than you expect since an expanding fracture can access volumes of liquid which will rapidly expand simply from the vacuum. (I warned you!)

Eventually the spitting will become negligible, but only in a million years.

The geniuses at NASA say it is plastic deformation which is released by heating. Yet they acknowledge that the clay has a hydrated optical signature. The clay is wet. NASA’s problem is that only a young asteroid could still be experiencing steam explosions and NASA has already publicly lied about the ancient age of Bennu.

Bennu is too young and the rock-corn popper is still slowly popping.

Bennu originated from an impact on Earth and it is very young. Thanks NASA.

Avoiding Navigation Hazards

The people (and insurance companies) of the future really hate space navigation hazards.  If you are a good shot, Bennu’s fragments might hit the moon instead. Oops was that the Apollo 11 landing site?

Blow up Bennu and intentionally send the pieces toward Earth. Pay for the damages now rather than killing hundreds if not thousands of people in space transportation disasters that Bennu might cause.  Also pay a reward for all of the meteorites with fossils.  Dropping Bennu into Earth’s gravity well prevents the pieces from becoming navigation hazards to space travel. 

Destroy it as soon as you can since it has better than a 90% probability of impacting rather than the 10% given by the corporate priests of NASA. If Earth is the only thing perturbing its orbit, then it is very difficult to shake off a needy asteroid. Unless some other planet grabs it, the asteroid will always return to Earth. If you wait to destroy Bennu , something stupid will happen when you need to hit it and you do not have the capabilities. Something bad will happen which then gets worse because you have temporarily lost the ability to destroy Bennu. Stop Bennu now and have a few small meteorites from time to time.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe. Australia It Is

One or more precise nuclear blasts will direct Bennu’s rubble toward Australia. An extravagant compensation will be paid for each person or animal which is killed.  50,000$ for each dead kangaroo, 10,000$ for each dead Aussie, and 0$ for any New Zealand Covid Zombies.

The biggest chunks of Bennu might generate 1 to 2 megatons.  The biggest crater in Australia might be 500 meters. A free tourist attraction😊. Have the seen Australia?  The impact craters would be an improvement.

"Name That Asteroid!" contest run by the University of Arizona

Bennu was the name selected for this corporate terror of the skies by school children.  A more fitting name would have been the Exxon-Mobil Legacy of Death and Destruction. Because it was oil companies like the psychopathic predecessors of Exxon-Mobil which captured American science. The corporations then repurposed Federal Law Enforcement to murder anyone who got too close to their secrets.