The Fictional Science of Chondrite Meteorites

Harold Urey at the University of Chicago invented the story of primordial chondrites. They are mysteriously produced at the beginning of the Solar System and they all have the same age so you should not bother to check their ages. (Whisper) “the U235/U238 ratio reads light” in chondrites.  The U235 missing from black oil shales was never on Earth.

The most common meteorite fall is a chondrite.

If chondrite meteorites are that common then they have to be young. Simple logic.

Any reservoir of chondrite material hanging around from the beginning of the solar system would be limited. If chondrites are currently the most common meteorite recovered, then that reserve is being consumed at a tremendous rate. An ancient chondrite reservoir and 4.5 billion years of high consumption are a direct contradiction.  And a single large chondrite reservoir is too likely to become differentiated by small interstellar impact events causing local melting. At that point differentiation would destroy the chondrite structure if they were stored in larger bodies.

Earth is the origin for most of the chondrites that land on Earth. Interstellar asteroid impacts will eject huge amounts of material which will then return to Earth unless they are captured by another body.

The Chicxulub impactor was material ejected by impacts at the Deccan Traps or other interstellar asteroids impacting other places (North America Rockies and the English northwest coast as a few). Keller’s insistence that Chicxulub occurred before the K/T boundary was patently false. The K/T extinction was caused by the interstellar asteroids which created Chicxulub. I have seen too many pictures of geological strata where this tiny little Chicxulub layer is right above a thick interstellar impact layer. DUH!

Luis Alvarez (yes, the Nobel Prize Winner) is a pathological liar. He lied about the Chicxulub Impact and he also lied about the angle for the shot which killed Kennedy. The main products of conspirators are real conspiracies.

Which is why chondrites are so common in meteorite falls. Any elliptical orbit of an ejected chondrite will cross the orbit of Earth until it is captured by another body or hits Earth. Chondrites and Rubble Pile Asteroids (another section) are the delayed fallback from an interstellar impact most likely on Earth.

Speculation on How an Interstellar Impact Creates a Chondrite

An interstellar impact produces a jet of vaporized and eroded rock. This cloud of vaporized, molten, and eroded material enters space and will condense rapidly. The formation time for a chondrite based asteroid appears to be under a few days. If you picture a rocket exhaust as your model for an impact jet your scale is way off. We might be looking at thousands of cubic kilometers of molten or vaporized rock dispersed though maybe a million times that volume moving in a narrow vector.

Because of the peculiar internal dynamics of the jet most of the material which is condensing into chondrules can only move into and then contact other chondrules. The velocity differences between condensing units just means that some material goes farther before it slows down from running into other material.  And if you are surrounded by molten material which is radiating heat it just buys you more time to find a home before you cool.

The second mistaken observation is the vapor or gas pressure model. It is not relevant to condensing matter.

A volume which is molten material at 1 part in a million is still a dense concentration of matter. Think of a 1 centimeter cube inside of a meter cube.  That does not look very empty if you drove through it on a motorcycle.  How far will a spherical molten globule travel before it contacts with and then sticks to another globule?  When the temperature drops below the liquid condensation temperature for the most refractory element the heat physics for gases ceases and the temperature physics of liquids kicks in.  The physics of liquids is surface tension and wetting. Two hot globules containing individual chondrules will fuse on contact. You maintain high temperatures long enough because the vast amount of surrounding matter which is radiating heat.

A Small Point About Temperature

A hot vapor which is enclosed has “temperature.” A hot vapor moving as a collimated jet has kinetic energy. Heat within an impact jet can be redefined as the relative velocities of vaporized elements in relation to each other. Once the temperature is below condensation point that “heat” is actually driving the compaction and condensation of the chondrules within the matter of the jet.

The condensation drives the creation of the spherical chondrites. The key is the high temperatures within the vaporized jet. While the temperature is still high enough the internal jostling of chondrites with dust particles and bits of clay creates a dense mass.   the accreting bulk chondrite will still act like a fluid enclosing dust and clay being compacted by vibration.  A large globule gets hit and jostled while partially molten (which because of surface tension) causes hot dust and clay to be drawn into the interstitial spaces between the chondrites. These interstitial spaces might be melt or the fine hot particles might just sinter (contact weld).

Most of the heat loss is by radiative loss at the edges of the cloud while the internal temperature of the cloud is not falling very quickly. Guessing the internal temperature of the cloud might only be dropping at 100 C per hour. Internally this cloud is incredibly bright and hot.

But when the jet is composed of matter which will rapidly condense then the physics is less intuitive. Condensation appears to be somewhat of a mirror image or reversal of gas physics.

The outside of the jet is dispersive, the inside of the molten jet is compacting. And the time scale appears to be short enough to be complete before the jet has had a chance to disperse. The process might be complete within hours. The chondrite bodies will glow in the infrared when they  emerge from the dust.

If everything is moving in the same direction and the width of the material and volume density is high enough, it seems to homogenize velocity internally because of collisions and compaction.

The Prodigal Chondrites and the Demise of Human Civilizations

The history books of the empire are filled with stories about civilizations which just stopped. The science books of the empire never, ever mention interstellar asteroid impacts.

If the late bronze age collapse were caused by one of the Spawn of Chilcotin would the empire have any motivation to hide a civilization’s destruction by an asteroid? (Just asking for a friend since asking that question of your scientific peers will get you ratted out and assassinated).

Meteor Crater in Arizona is not a crater created by one of Earth’s prodigal asteroid. It is far too deep with a well-defined elevated lip.

The shallow bowl that the Syrian City of Damascus sits in is more like the asteroid craters produced by prodigal asteroids. There are quite a few candidate crater sites in the region where history just stopped because everyone was dead or dying. The empire invented climate change and the Sea People to paper over a lot of asteroid damage.

The Sea People were not invaders, they were grave robbers. And when did the Egyptians move their capital to Luxor and away from the core of Egypt in the Delta? Because Luxor still existed while the Egyptian cities in the Delta had been wiped out. Either from a nearby impact (broken statues) or the tsunamis which buried the broken statues.  A pharaoh cannot look like they had been punished by the gods so an invasion of the Sea Peoples became the “official narrative.” A narrative which the empire was all too happy to run with.

History ended in a day but the empire tries to spread it out over a few decades with more carbon 14 magic and secret databases. Geochronology and other dating centers will not test anonymous samples. They have to be told where it came from and the date is selected with the best date for the narrative.  If they test the sample and find out that it is obviously not from that area then bad things could happen to the person who submitted the sample under false pretences. People are not allowed to test the honesty of the Imperial Geochronology labs.

The empire has a multi-layered detection methods for recognizing and eliminating people who are sniffing around one of their criminal secrets (which are legion).

If it was not for the internal security forces of America millions of people would still be healthy and alive. The corruption in geology is also the same corruption in medical science.