Carbon Isotopes

Somebody Has Been Snorting Carbon Isotopes!

(Work in Progress)

The proof that human caused the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide is based on the ratio of Carbon 12 isotopes to Carbon 13 isotopes found in the world’s oceans. This entire argument is based upon 50 years of scientific fraud by the United States Geological Survey, NASA, and oil company controlled planetary science.

The imperial argument is based on measurements of carbon isotope ratios in the world’s oceans going from -6 to -8 in the last hundred years. (see “delta”13C in Wikipedia for full calculation)

The whole rock carbon isotope ratios for igneous rocks on the Earth and the Moon is -22 to -28. Information and hard data which is not easily found in the current literature.

The reference for this scientific fraud is the Pee Dee Belemnite. It looks like the Pee Dee Belemnite is an impact plume fallback and belemnite kill (Lagerstätten). The volcanic and impact melt would have been strongly negative and only material directly falling back from the impact flare would have been this isotope heavy. The Pee Dee Belemnite appears to be the direct result of the end Cretaceous interstellar asteroid impacts.  The PDB is also a carbonate which is nearly always(?) positive (based only on imperial science).

American and western scientists knew about the catastrophic effects of interstellar asteroid impacts on a previous human civilization and they lied. They lied for the profits of a few oil companies.

Get a handle on what the numbers mean. PDB appears to be about 3% heavier (more C13) than average for any normal rock. The Empire chose PDB specifically because it was not common. Magma (molten rock) whole rock measurements are about -22 to -28 which means that they are 2.2 to 2.8 % light compared to Pee Dee Belemnite. The chorus of idiots (Chicago branch?) chose PDB as a standard because it wasn’t at all normal.

The empire publishes heavy carbon dioxide results from volcano outgassing in marine carbonate settings.  The empire does not publish the whole rock measurements (-22 to -28) since that would invalidate their own fictional narrative.

Massive volcanic eruptions will drive the oceans global average negative. This is clearly seen at extinction boundaries caused by interstellar impacts and the massive eruptions that they produced. The idiot’s arguments would contradict themselves if they used the factual carbon isotope values for volcanic rock. The chorus of idiots doesn’t care because they control both the scientific payroll (the National Science Foundation) and the scientific journals.

Scientific truth (scientific consensus) is whatever the corporations and their minion the NSF want it to be.

It looks like the empire really hated making 13C measurements of igneous rocks. (Since there may have been as few as a dozen of them made in the last 50 years).  At extinction boundaries there is usually a big negative carbon excursion in both sediments and fossils. The impacts of interstellar asteroids create massive volcanic eruptions which releases huge amounts of light carbon.

The empire falsely states that igneous rock is carbon heavy -5 to +2.  This is direct scientific fraud. Global Warming as a mechanism for extinction is a common fictional plot device in USGS geology.  The actual cause for the negative carbon excursions found during extinction events (an impact catastrophe) was replaced with a fictional climatic disturbance (the Global Warming cardboard cut out).

Global warming is real, the science is fake.