Pharmacist Assassins America’s Corporate Ninjas

You are an enemy of the American Corporate Empire and you do not know it. You know or suspect something about the Empire but you think that the Deep State is a fantasy. It can be reasonably assumed that the target for poisoning is under FBI surveillance. But this is a large category in America.

No more Mister Obvious. The empire doesn’t have to blow somebody’s brains out in broad daylight in Dallas.

A pharmacist can kill someone who doesn’t realize that they have any enemies.

Your Medical History

The key to killing someone and getting plausible deniability begins with having a detailed knowledge of the target’s medical history. The poison must be tailored to either aggravate a preexisting condition or simulate (and escalate) that medical condition’s symptoms to a lethal level.

I was inappropriately prescribed a certain class of antipsychotic by an idiot who mistook narcolepsy for schizophrenia. When I was entrapped by the empire and railroaded into a mental hospital (2012), I was ordered by Judge Andrews to be placed on the most powerful drug in that same class of antipsychotics. It appears that they knew what was listed as an “allergy” in my medical records. This allowed them to select the most dangerous drug that they could use on me “for my own good. “

I believe that their disappointment was tangible when I did not go into anaphylactic shock.😊So a bad reaction is not the same thing as an allergy? My bad.

Since I would not continue to self lobotomize myself, they returned to putting a blood thinner in my Ramipril. My original mild case of diverticulitis (intestinal bleeding) had previously gone from a minor inconvenience to a nearly fatal loss of blood (2011). So how did I discover that I was being poisoned by a pharmacist?

After the lobotomy ward and an FBI failed entrapment at Walmart (2012-2013) I no longer had the 12$ to buy a three month supply of the Ramipril at Walmart. After I ran out of the Ramipril my internal bleeding stopped within 24 hours. 95% of my bleeding symptoms disappear and stay gone after 72 hours.

A target’s medical history is the key to getting the target to walk into the slaughter house.

I strongly suspect that one of the medications I escaped with from America had been poisoned. Is pissing lots of blood something bad? This was one of the Empire’s many backup plans for killing me in Ottawa, Canada. (June 2016)

The US Government Borgia Drug Company with 7/24 Service

Using a pharmacist to assassinate someone does create a lot of logistics issues.  

One the poison has to be placed into a medication that the target is already taking.

Two the poison used has to be specific to the target’s medical history. This means that each poison/medication combination cannot be kept on every pharmacist’s shelf.

Another technical issue is maintaining the poisoned product’s visual appearance. How many pharmacists would have every single tablet press for all of their medications?

Once you have tampered with the medications in a crushed tablet you have to use a press to turn it back into a tablet again. Using a syringe on a liquid jell can be detected by forensics or visual inspection. Poisoning something is easy, hiding all traces that it has been poisoned takes industrial capabilities.

Guessing I would say that there is only one poisoning facility in the United States. I also think that there is only one facility for security reasons.

Where is this special Borgia pharmacy physically located? Since its shipments are drugs, it would make sense that it is already in the drug business.

How are the poisons shipped?

Would the poisons go through the pharmacies corporate distribution chain or would it be a direct shipment to the pharmacy? Going through a pharmacy’s own distribution chain with a poisoned drug would be a disaster. I think that these poisons will be shipped under tight security and hand delivered to the pharmacist.

Who has direct management of the Borgia facility? Which faction of American Intelligence is managing it?

Is it associated with military chemical and biological weapons (Ft Detrick)? All those Nazi’s “paperclipped” into America with detailed knowledge of poison’s could be very useful in selecting a poison for simulating a disease.

From the above criteria it should not be too hard to find a government facility which meets all of these strange requirements.

How to Create Problems for Your Pharmacist Assassin

One way for a target to create problems is by using a paper script and filling it at random pharmacies. If the new pharmacy cannot fill a prescription within about 30 minutes, then they are probably transporting your poison from your usual pharmacy.

The Empire Can Secretly Poison Its Own Deep State Personnel

Only select executives/personnel of the Deep State would have knowledge of the Borgia pharmacy (need to know and all that).

Who is authorized to trigger a pharmacy assassination? I would think that the majority of the Deep State would be kept ignorant of its existence since it would also be a way of quietly maintaining discipline and control.

The only question in my mind is how many pharmacy assassins are there? Is it a select group being transferred to the target’s pharmacy, or is assassination a part of the job description for every pharmacist in America?