Bill (The Fascist) Nelson

The CIA overlord having dominion over NASA. He has over 400 children, all gremlins.

At Yale he double majored in political science and necrophilia (hence the Skull and Bones).

From Wikipedia

In 2007, Nelson was the only Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee to vote against an amendment to withhold funds for the use by the CIA of enhanced interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects. His vote, combined with those of all Republican members of the committee, killed the measure.[149]

In January 2018, Nelson voted to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which allows the National Security Agency to extend a program of warrantless spying on internet and phone networks.[150] In 2015, he had called for a permanent extension of the law.[151]

(By Omission) from Wikipedia are Bill the Fascist’s dates of service on the Deep State’s U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. A former chairman of that committee Bavid Doren has tried to assassinate me.  

Bill the Fascist was on the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in the years of




Going from a Yale Frat Boy to sitting on the evil council for intelligence. A Faustian rags to riches story.

So, what is Bill the Fascist up to today?

Bill the Fascist has fulling committed NASA to  “Operation Starlink”, a sneak attack on Russia and China. Where thousands of communications satellites enable hundreds of space radars to accurately target the entire planet.

Bill the Necro-Fascist has totally lost his mind if he thinks that Starlink is fooling anybody.