Masks of Evil

If the Empire views a professional as a threat, Legal and Medical boards exist to block that professional’s access to their Constitutional Rights. Legal and Medical boards exercise extralegal authority on the behalf of the Empire.

Every legal association, medical association, or scientific organizations primary responsibility is to report any potential whistleblower or revolutionary to the federal political police of the Department of Justice (FBI). Those “associations” can then move against that professional without public trial or any serious accountability.

State and Federal governments have handed power over to unelected officials who act in the best interests of the Empire to control the professions. The US Constitution was recalibrated by the Supreme Court to assign powers which allow the Empire to project their power as if they were elected government officials. They have given professional boards the power of elected officials without any of the accountability.

If a Legal Association or Medical Board does not give the same rights, privileges, and powers to defend themselves (including the right to face their accusers) as a professional would have in a court of law then that Bar or Board is unconstitutional and a direct manifestation of tyranny.

Also, a professional who is aware of their corruption would not want to be judged by a self-appointed jury of corrupt peers.

The public view these boards as protecting professionals from public law and scrutiny.  When these Boards actions in the support of the Empire are revealed, the people will not see any sensible reason to give powers to these extralegal contrivances.

Everybody faces the same justice system.