The Dickensian Cruelty of Medical Corruption

Protecting Alzheimer’s Clioquinol in America

The Empire’ science says that Aluminum has nothing to do with Alzheimer’s. Then why does the Empire block the availability of anything that might be able to remove this harmless aluminum from the brain?

Why is an effective form of clioquinol unavailable in America? You can find skin cream but you cannot find the tablet form which would allow aluminum removal from the brain.

If you are arguing that clioquinol is dangerous than I agree with you. Clioquinol could get a lot of people killed if it reversed or prevented the onset of Alzheimer’s.

I am not going to argue science when the other side are liars. If these experts know so much about Alzheimer’s then they should have found an effective treatment. The easiest way to expose a fake expert and a liar is that when given 40 years, they produce zero results. Any claim of superior knowledge is shown false.

Aluminum does cause Alzheimer’s and the complete failure of Imperial science to find an effective treatment is the proof of that. From the very start Imperial science said that Aluminum did not cause Alzheimer’s and they backed that up by not funding any science (National Science Foundation NSF) that would connect the two. Forty years later they cannot find a way to treat Alzheimer’s because they banned all research into its true cause. If anything, other than Aluminum, was the cause for Alzheimer’s the Empire would have found it.

Legalise and allow the direct importation of quality manufactured clioquinol into America and Ireland. The only thing we have to lose is the ruling class and a lot of corrupt science.

This is an example of the social controls used by the Empire.

Alzheimer’s + Aluminum = You have to be an idiot to believe that. That is how propaganda works.

I prefer

Aluminum not the cause + 40 years = 0 results

The Empire hid the connection between asteroids and oil which could destroy civilization at any time. The empire is a pathological organization capable of any crime.

Understanding Institutionalized Cruelty

When the conspiracy to protect Aluminum began the people in the Aluminum Industry thought it was a temporary situation to protect the Aluminum industry. They expected that both the Aluminum industry would be protected and that Alzheimer’s would be cured.  How do I know this? Because a lot of Aluminum industrialists left their fortunes to Alzheimer’s research.

But imperial medical science had already shown its true colors by its defense of Asbestos and smoking. Imperial scientists are a bunch of liars and the only thing standing between them and a firing squad was manufactured scientific credibility. The suffering of Alzheimer’s patients was the price that must be paid to maintain their manufactured credibility.

The Aluminum Industrialists were not monsters, but the Imperial scientists of the National Science Foundation are.

Clioquinol may not be as effective as other drugs to remove aluminum. But it would be something we could use right now. We could at least slow down or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s at very low cost or risk.