Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

To exploit the secret science of oil creation you have to find when and where those impacts had occurred. The ocean floor has a record of all impacts going back as much as 200 million years.

The Glomar Challenger was built specifically for a long term contract with the American National Science Foundation and University of California Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Tax payer money was used to fund a scientific criminal enterprise of staggering proportions. 

The American government and the Seven Sisters (collectively the Empire) knew how oil was actually created. But for the information to be useful they had to apply it to a vast world-wide drilling database. The IODP would drill, core, and well log over a thousand sites in the oceans sedimentary rock. No accurate data of any real value was ever released to the public.

With this data the Empire’s geological models for oil became the greatest treasure map in history.

If I were an independent oil man, I would put the government’s feet to the fire to prosecute this corruption. I am sure that the Texas and Oklahoma independent oil men will deal with this issue in a calm and patient manner.