Global Warming

Global Warming is Real! But the Science is still Fake.

The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not warm the planet, the Sun does. The Sun gets hotter and brighter, the Earth gets hotter. The Sun cools down, the Earth cools down.

What is the scientific consensus (chorus of idiots) about the evolutionary model for the Sun? That consensus says that the Sun was 30% dimmer when the Earth formed and it is getting larger and hotter as it ages. The basis for their proof is the theoretical predictions of the Standard Model for particle physics. 

The Standard Model is based on particles like Neutrinos which don’t actually appear to exist except in “Big Science”. The fake stellar evolution of the Sun helps support and reinforce the fake physics in the Standard Model. Fake science backs up other fake science.

According to the “chorus of idiots” the Sun’s energy output is rock solid stable (over a period of centuries) unlike most of the stars in the galaxy. The direct measurement of the Sun’s brightness has been recorded by satellites (radiance) for about 50 years. This historical satellite radiance data (from Houston Oil controlled NASA) has likely been massaged and “corrected for drift” to make it appear that the Sun has not gotten brighter in the last 50 years. NASA cannot let facts get in the way of the imperial narrative about carbon dioxide.

Over billions of years the Sun has been getting cooler and global warming is just a short term trend.  The scientific idiots are saying that it is getting hotter. The geology of Mars proves that the Sun is growing colder.

According to the Empire’s chorus of idiots the Sun was 30% percent cooler about 4.5 billion years ago. Except that those same idiots also say that Mars had liquid water back then.

Even if Mars had a thicker atmosphere in the past, a cooler Sun would still be too dim for liquid water on Mars. Under the cooler Sun scenario, if Mars did have a lot more water that would just mean more ice and that would mean more reflected solar energy. Mars is too small to hold a dense atmosphere.  All the sediments seen on Mars were deposited by liquid water under a much hotter Sun. Using the idiots’ model for the Solar energy output, Mars would never have been hot enough for liquid water!

The Sun had to be warmer for liquid water to create kilometer thick sediments on the now frozen Mars. The idiots say that Mars had an atmosphere thicker than Earth’s which magically trapped the Sun’s meager heat output.

How many of you have built a campfire that gets hotter and brighter as it burns through its fuel? The empire blames Helium burning for why the Sun is getting hotter in their mythology.

Except that the Sun was burning Helium from day one. The empire explains this away by talking about convection, churning, and eye of newt. It seems that the Sun has less helium now than it supposedly started out with. The “fusion ash” (metallicity) is kept near the core and we cannot see it on the surface of the Sun? Yet for stars bigger and smaller than the Sun we do observe high levels of convection and turnover. It seems that the Sun is far too easy to observe to be part of acceptable science.

The Sun was hotter 4.5 billion years ago. Mars had liquid water for billions of years. Time enough to erode and produce massive quantities of sediments. Mars had already lived and died long before the Earth had cooled down enough for complex life. That is why the geological conditions on Mars show a history of the Sun cooling.

For the first 3 billion years the Earth was a toxic sauna.

Geologists see evidence that the early Earth was actually too hot for complex life. Almost all the older life forms (like stromatolites) are single celled organisms which can tolerate very high temperatures and toxic conditions. Everyone agrees that the dinosaurs lived on a hotter planet. The dinosaurs lived on a hotter planet because the Sun was hotter, it is that simple.

According to the same imperial scientists global warming is all about the atmosphere and zero percent about the Sun. These same scientists lied about the evolution of the Sun so why should we believe them when they “state” that the Sun hasn’t gotten hotter in the last 100 years? 

You can’t take drastic political actions based on the “science” produced by liars with PhD’s.

Global Warming is about extending the political lifespan of our insane ruling class, it is not about science.

Global Warming Politics

(work in progress)

The empire’s strategy for global warming is perfectly simple.  People who are arguing against global warming will get us all killed. The empire is labelling anyone opposing their political agenda as irrational suicidal lemmings.

The youthful idealism of the 60’s and 70’s America correctly identified the “system” (ruling class) as the problem. The ruling class is now channelling that idealism away from themselves (a guillotine chop echoing in the distance) and toward a windmill of their own creation, global warming.

Young people want to save the world from Global Warming. Old capitalist assholes want to keep control over the world.

Capitalist assholes (the empire) control both scientific funding through organizations such as the American National Science Foundation and have controlled the major scientific journals for over a century. The empire has weaponized science to create a Global Warming Crisis which they can exploit to further their political agenda.

Taking a page from the witchcraft persecutions the empire is blaming man-made carbon dioxide as the cause for all catastrophic natural events. If the Sun were just getting brighter the empire would not have the political wedge which they are actively using to divide people.

Carbon dioxide is largely irrelevant to the empire’s political goals. Fascism is dying out and the empire needs another gimmick to twist the minds and morals of the younger generations. Before you can turn someone into a fascist you need to be able to talk to them. Global warming is just an emotional hook for seeding groupthink and a violent mindset against any opposition. The black and white conditioning of a political tool.

The empire’s scientific evidence is largely based on gross scientific fraud. If the Sun were growing brighter, it would be difficult for the empire to use that information to gain a political advantage. Therefore, any evidence pointing to the Sun getting brighter is ridiculed by the empire’s scientific consensus (chorus of idiots). Blaming man made carbon dioxide as the cause for Global Warming the empire can direct that youthful enthusiasm at anyone who opposes their agenda of maintaining the current pseudo-democratic tyranny.

(satire) A vote for me is a vote for corporate tax breaks and sweetheart government contracts for the military industrial complex. This pledge is too factual to get a secret corporate fascist elected.

Vote for me and I will stop Global Warming. Then I will also quietly vote for corporate tax breaks and sweetheart government contracts for my corporate masters (wag tail and whine for more political contributions).


Venus Is a Pool of Lava Not a Hot Tub

Venus is the empire’s textbook example of the runaway greenhouse effect. The current conditions on Venus have nothing to do with the “greenhouse effect”. The Venus “Greenhouse Effect” will also be a classic future textbook example of American scientific fraud.

If the Earth had the same albedo (reflected as much light) as Venus, the Earth would be frozen from pole to pole. The amount of the Sun’s energy which actually reaches the surface of Venus may be slightly less than on Earth.

The atmosphere of Venus is not a greenhouse since the planetary surface is still too hot to form stable carbonates.  The planetary surface has to cool down enough so that the atmosphere can react with the rocks to create carbonates which will remove the carbon dioxide and sulfur allowing the atmosphere to thin.  A Geologically recent impact turned Venus into a blob of molten rock. That impact also reversed the rotation of Venus (it is very slowly spinning backwards). This impact appears to have occurred in the last 500 million years.

The surface of Venus is hotter than its atmosphere. The planet is heating the atmosphere and not the other way around. You would think that someone at NASA would have noticed that Venus was a molten rock hellscape and not a greenhouse.

The interstellar impact delivered billions of megatons of thermal energy into Venus’ mass. The impact left Venus an oscillating globule of molten rock.

The current surface temperature is around 450 C. This suggests that the impact occurred somewhere between 100 to 500 million years ago. The Earth got pounded at the end of the Permian (250 million years ago) by interstellar impacts in Siberia and elsewhere. It is not unreasonable to assume that Venus and Northern Mars were destroyed within this same time frame.

I lean toward a Venus impact at about 250 million years ago. That is long enough for Venus to cool down to the present conditions.

A planet spinning in the wrong direction is a clear sign of a major impact that NASA ignored. The chorus of idiots’ narrative hides this impact billions of years ago in “Deep Time”, as a normal consequence of the Solar System’s formation. NASA ignores the current higher surface temperature of Venus since this would not support the empire’s carbon dioxide agenda.

A Venus’ narrative which blatantly ignores the physical data about a geologically recent impact event. The space probes sent to Venus should have easily noticed the thermal anomalies related to Venus’ surface temperature. It was obvious that the heat was not coming from the atmosphere, but from the planetary surface.

Interstellar impacts capable of reshaping or destroying entire planets are completely missing from the scientific literature. Could the geological connection between the creation of oil and interstellar impacts be a motive for Houston to suppress the recent destruction of Venus? Who needs human civilization when you have a monopoly on finding oil with factual oil geology?

I am pretty sure that the space probe and other data indicated far too much thermal radiation on the night side of Venus. NASA should have thrown out the greenhouse model immediately.

But the empire needed global warming for their political agenda and the NASA had to do what their boss and the FBI told them to do. The FBI has murdered scientists for the “National Security” of big oil companies like British Petroleum and Dutch Shell.

The Carbon Dioxide Model for Cooling Never Terminates

The scientific consensus’ hypothetical carbon dioxide model for an Ice Age never terminates.

When something is man made it is called an artifact. Imperial scientific corruption produced the artificial carbon dioxide/temperature correlation in the ice cores. Obtaining and analysing ice cores from Antarctica and the Arctic is expensive, difficult, and exclusive. Therefore, ice core data is perfectly suited for fake, ruling class controlled science. The connection between carbon dioxide and global warming is an artifact. The Sun is the primary driver of climate change along with the occasional catastrophic asteroid, not carbon dioxide.

Can the scientific consensus explain what causes their carbon dioxide model for Ice Ages to end?  After the level of carbon dioxide has reached a minimum, the Earth warms up and the Ice Age ends. I was not aware that glaciers were a flammable carbon source?

Why would the carbon dioxide levels rise before the glaciers melted? Carbon dioxide is still chemically reacting with rocks and being chemically removed from the atmosphere during ice ages.

What mechanism would cause carbon dioxide to rapidly rise before conditions for wildfires (the absence of ice sheets) can exist? If you try to explain this away with volcanos why would thousands of volcanoes synchronize their eruptions to produce 100,000 year cycles?

Obviously, the Sun warmed up and the carbon dioxide levels rose after the melting of the ice sheets allowed higher temperatures, more plant growth, and wildfires.  The carbon dioxide levels lagged the temperature not vice versa. The Sun became brighter and carbon dioxide levels were largely irrelevant to an Ice Age ending.

The Ice Core data supporting the role of carbon dioxide as the major determinate for climate change (ahead of the Sun) is scientific fraud (an artifact).

If there is any real information in the ice core data it is about the Sun, not carbon dioxide