Dictionary of Doublespeak Geology

Geology the Reactivation Clause

An interstellar asteroid pierces the crust and detonates in the shallow mantle. The detonation liquefies the rock producing a “mantle” plume.  

The thermal expansion and buoyancy of the plume forces older rocks to the surface. Sometimes the excavated material is vertically excavated as a monolithic block. Usually the rock strata is highly disturbed or even overturned.

This excavated (doublespeak unroofing) of the older rock has left it fractured and infiltrated (mafic dikes) by molten material created at the same time as the impact.

If you date the excavated rocks you will get an old and quite legitimate date. If you date the fresh molten rocks you will get the date of the impact. A molten rock has its date reset to zero so the molten rock records the time since the impact.

Both ages are correct within the context of a single interstellar impact.

The Reactivation Clause is used to create a false narrative. The event which excavated and uplifted the rocks is given by the age of the excavated rocks. The appearance of the newer molten rock was caused by the reactivation of faults (or some other vague excuse) created after this earlier period. This false narrative argues that the appearance of the younger rock melts and the excavation of the older rocks did not happen at the same time.

Interstellar asteroids are made to disappear by taking an impact and giving it two dates. A false (ancient) date matching the excavated rocks and a second younger fault reactivation date for the impact melt.

A single interstellar asteroid impact event becomes two separate events with no impact occurring. The resulting impact plume of molten rock is intentionally mislabeled as a mantle plume.

A Geologic Rift for Any Reason

The Empire and the USGS decided to hide a lot of impact plumes by using the word rift followed by a bunch technical gibberish related to rare earth elements (REE). Some of the science related to REE analysis might even be real. The USGS is still talking about the elephant in the room (impact plumes) like it was just a big smelly sofa that occasionally smashes yapping Chihuahua’s.

A rift is the pulling apart of a land mass or continent. This will result in a minimal outpouring of upper mantle material similar in composition to something like a mixture of basalt and granite.  

If deep mantle material is present on the Earth’s surface then the most likely cause is an interstellar impact. If a so called “Rift” is exuding a lot of deep mantle material (like peridotite and olivine) it is definitely not a rift.

So, when deep mantle material is found on the Earth’s surface and the USGS cannot explain the presence of a mantle plume in that location, it will fall back on the phrase “rift related”.

Glauconite is an Interstellar Impact Marker

Imperial geology reframed glauconite as a hiatus in the sedimentary record. Glauconite partially matches the chemistry of mafic and ultra-mafic mantle material. It does not match the chemistry of these mantle rocks because it was not melted, it was vaporized.

When mantle material is vaporized and then blasted high (or out) of the atmosphere it will recondense into something with a different chemistry. When this condensed reactive material falls back through the atmosphere and the water column (sea sediments) it will be modified a bit more.

Glauconite has also been found in terrestrial and lacustrine sediments which would indicate dispersion as a sky fall.  

Glauconite is often found in or near extinction boundaries. That is why the Empire came up with the bullshit excuse that it marks a hiatus in sedimentation.

Anoxia Did Not Precipitate the Metals Found in Black Shale

Without the toxic metallic fallout from an interstellar asteroid impact there would not be any organic material hanging around long enough to create oil. Organic material is food and blaming anoxia for the creation of oil had one big flaw. What about the anaerobic bacteria which would have found organic material on the ocean bottom quite tasty? The metallic contents of the oil shale are toxic to all living things and acts to preserve any organic material including meat. Think of oil as metallically pickled dinosaur. The impact fallout would have preserved any organic material reaching the poisoned ocean floor.

The Organic Productivity Anomaly Explained

The interstellar impact also increases the bioavailability of carbon, iron, phosphorus and other key elements. Anoxia cannot explain the increase in ocean productivity seen at the time of the black shale’s creation.  At the single celled level, these soup like oceans would have become a paradise. Concurrently the increase in the organic material falling to the ocean bottom exceeds the accelerated rate of sedimentation. The poisoned bottom layer preserves the organic material removing it from the biosphere by burial. This buried organic material will have the potential to become oil under the proper circumstances.

The metallic fallout from the interstellar asteroid created the anoxia and not the other way around.

The Perversions of Orogeny

…or how to disappoint a hedonist.

Orogeny is supposed to be the process where tectonic forces cause the creation of mountains or mountain ranges by compression. It is a factual geologic process which is misused by the USGS and the Empire to hide structures which were actually placed by interstellar impacts or their plumes.

The Laramide Orogeny is a perfect example of a mumbled USGS fiction containing arbitrary gaps of tens of millions of years as their fictional natural process starts and stops.

Some parts of the eastern Rocky Mountains from Montana to New Mexico appear to be the result of interstellar impacts. Some of the oil basins along this same area could be the result of large conventional asteroid impact events. Those basins would be filled in by lakes or seas which would then be filled in with black shales by still later interstellar impacts.

The southern portion of the Laramide Orogeny appears to cover up the impact point and plume trail (fictional Ouachita front) of the impact plume currently under New Madrid, Missouri.

Earth’s Tectonic Stress Field

This Imperial argument is used to bury the contradictions inherent in lying about geology.  Stress field geophysics as applied by the Empire doesn’t actually exist. The New Madrid plume seismic activity is explained away by a tectonic stress field originating in Canada because of glacial unloading???

The fictional tectonic stress field is used to hide the interstellar impact and flood basalts which sealed off the Mediterranean creating the Messinian salinity crisis. The Mediterranean dried up because an interstellar impact along the southern coast of Spain sealed off the Mediterranean.

According to the Empire distant stress fields concentrate their energies hundreds of kilometers away. These stresses are imbued with the power to cause deep mantle material to spontaneously puncture the crust and suddenly appear in vast quantities on the surface.

The stress field is just another Empire ploy to hide ubiquitous impact events in geology.

This is disturbing because it appears that the Empire is hiding more interstellar impacts than they are hiding standard hole-in-the-ground impact craters. Interstellar impacts may be more frequent than ordinary impacts.

Normalizing Anomalies: Reporting Element Ratios

Uranium is found in ordinary rock in an abundance of about 2 parts in a million. In small samples of black shale or asphaltites (radiation polymerized oil) uranium can be found at levels of 30,000 parts per million.

Numbers like these make people curious.  That curiosity could cause the empire a lot of work if they have to go murder someone who got too curious. Lesson one, don’t publish curious numbers.

How do you hide anomalies? You divide them or compare them to other anomalies.

You look at all the elements in the anomaly that you are hiding. Is there another element that you can connect to the uranium by some bullshit geological process?

A couple of common ones are aluminum and titanium. Both are actually associated with mafic or impact plume activity but the Empire will designate them as indicators of erosion from land surfaces.

If I report the same uranium (30,000 parts per million) as a ratio to say vanadium. I can report numbers like U/V = 3.2 which doesn’t look all that suspicious.

If a scientific paper is not reporting direct abundances then it is lying to you. If they report the direct abundances and then later connect two or more elements together by some geological process, that might actually be scientifically acceptable.

Houston’s Brain: Common Lead Correction

In geochronology one of the ways that the Empire lies is by not directly stating the amount of Uranium Isotopes, Thorium, and radiogenic lead that is present. They will often report these values compared to common lead Pb 204. Do you know what concordant geochronological measurements are? That means that the U235, U238, and Thorium decay clocks give the same date. When those three different clocks or systems give a different date then a deception invented by Tera-Wasserburg called the Concordia comes into play. A minor 1 to 2% deviation allows them to correct an actual date by several multiples of its actual value. The Moon rocks should have grouped around 300 to 500 million years ago. Instead Wasserburg and Wetherill used a fictious error to produce a grossly erroneous date of 3.7 billion years.  

The easiest way to screw up a concordant date is to make them a ratio to common lead (from where and for why?). Then change that common lead number just slightly and your concordant measurements go right out the window.

In theory the presence of common lead in a zircon indicates contamination since common lead should never be in a zircon (the logical explanation). Except that the common lead correction seems to be some kind of problem with the laser or mass spectrometer??? The common lead is not from the sample??? The common lead is a correction factor from the test blank??? I am not the one who is confused since I have read all of the above reasons for the common lead correction from different papers.

The early Empire was always trying make things look a lot older than they are. If a zircon does not have enough radiogenic lead (it is too young) they can say that the presence of the Pb-204 indicates that the common lead Pb -204 leaked into the zircon while the radiogenic lead simultaneously leaked out of the zircon. This is the excuse (if they get caught later) why they misdated the young moon rocks as being really old.

There is also a big problem with the information regarding common lead Pb-204 (it appears to be missing). Pb-204 is the stable end product from multiple lines of decay including U-232. The inclusion of the Pb-204 correction in geochronology may be an alibi if they are caught lying about the Moon rock dates. A lot of the nonimperial geochronologists don’t even measure Pb-204 since it is a spurious result, something that doesn’t mean anything.  

According to some of the information that I can find common lead Pb-204 might be produced by the presence of high levels of uranium in a zircon. Some of the intermediate Uranium daughter products (U-232?) might take decay paths to Pb-204 if they are radiated as a daughter product. The presence of a lot of uranium might lead to the creation of common lead Pb-204 and that is the reason given by the Empire to not use zircons with high uranium content. The real reason is that a young zircon with high uranium will easily produce enough radiogenic lead to measure as concordant. Many of the young Lunar zircons were rejected because they had enough Uranium to produce a concordant date. The Empire hates young Lunar zircons.