Impact In Venezuela

5.809, -63.564

It +20km across and looks eroded though the core is still there.

The US Geological Survey found a bunch of circular structures in Venezuela but then the USGS didn’t publish any maps or clearly define what they were.

This is what I have found out about this impact structure. Its name is Cerro Guaiquinima. And that is all I know about this structure.

The USGS was so nervous about this structure that it sent in its geologists undercover as naturalists. Both USGS Survey Bulletin’s 2062 and 2124 systematically ignore this structure. The entire area has been given ridiculous ages of nearly 2 billion years (standard practice of the Empire when hiding impacts). This structure along with others in the area could explain the presence of oil in Venezuela. This impact may also coincide with the impact which created the New Madrid Plume and the Gulf of Mexico oil fields.

The mineral wealth of Venezuela is staggering. A lot of this area was made into National Parks (Imperial standard practice) to prevent investigation. This is literally the region of the “Lost Worlds” because these plateaus and other structures are nearly cut off from the outside world.

The USGS are playing hide and seek with what looks like an impact.

US Geological Survey Bulletin 2062

Geology and Mineral Resource Assessment of the Venezuelan Guayana Shield

US Geological Survey looks like the USGS was casing the joint. Taking an inventory of everything that was either valuable or dangerous.

Memorandum of Understanding with Imperial Devils

From USGS circular 2062

This project was funded by the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana. It incorporated aspects of technology transfer, including specialized training for Venezuelan personnel, the acquisition of analytical equipment, and an inventory of mineral resources of the Guayana Shield. Field and laboratory studies by personnel of the U.S. Geological Survey and the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana were started immediately after a Memorandum of Understanding, which described the cooperation, and a Project Implementation Plan were signed in 1987. These studies were completed in December 1991.

This compilation should be viewed as the necessary first step in the development of a long-range policy for mineral resource exploration, mineral production, and land use in Venezuela. Personnel of the Coporacion Venezolana de Guayana and the U.S. Geological Survey are to be complimented for the dedication and the outstanding cooperative spirit that they brought to this work and that made this publication possible.

A typical Memorandum of Understanding with the Imperial Devils. The US Geological Survey were acting as scouts for new Imperial acquisitions.  Greed is the Empire’s motive for the current isolation and criminalization of the Venezuelan people.