100,000 Megatons of Climate Change and the Mediterranean Bronze Age Collapse

The City of Damascus is sitting within a 40 kilometer (25 mile) diameter impact crater. Some of the soil has been completely blasted from the surrounding elevated surfaces. Likewise, soil is still present in depressions which had high ground between them and the center of the blast. Vast rocky plateaus have been reshaped and streamlined by the blast. Near the impact the only vertical crags present are on surfaces facing away from the blast.

We have a major impact event which is obviously quite young.

We also have an impact event which is completely missing from the scientific literature.

Lot’s wife was vaporized by an asteroid impact. A vast population surrounding the impact was incinerated, crushed, starved by crop failure, or were permanently traumatized by the instantaneous transformation of their world into a wasteland. If the fireball hadn’t blinded them then the trailing shockwave might have destroyed their hearing.

The scientific literature does describe the abandonment of a lot of places in this region. No living humans does tend to create a gap in archaeology.  But those same people also knew what information should not be published. The simultaneous appearance of the ubiquitous destruction layer would only be mentioned in passing (literally “keep moving along, nothing to see here”).

There are very few records documenting this vast and simultaneous destruction because survival came before literacy. What could they write? The Egyptians wrote on their disaster stela that the wind stripped people’s clothes off and then hurled them through the air. This was witnessed from the Egyptian southern outpost in Luxor. The Egyptian northern cities had ceased to exist.

The most important question is when did this happen? According to the scientific literature the Damascus impact never happened.  But we do get a lot of tall tales from our Scientific Priesthood filling in their engineered gaps by blaming climate change for the Late Bronze Age collapse.