Drones controlled by Starlink Satellites are going to take away America’s guns (A Fictional Narrative for your entertainment)

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Your phone and internet will stop working and the TV will be displaying scenes of American anarchists running amok. FOX News and The New York Times will agree that military measures are required to bring this under control. This confusion will signal the beginning of the Deep State’s final solution for the 2nd Amendment.

SpaceX’s Starlink satellites are a military command and control network for inexpensive drones that will isolate and eliminate the armed resistance of the American people. Starlink has always been a military project. The internet was just a cover story.

The Deep State had a problem. They had only 14,000 FBI Gestapo (plus CIA trained contractors) against 300 million armed Americans. The Deep State is now implementing a technological solution to even up those odds.

A drone carrying a bomb can turn buildings into splinters or your car into an inferno. Your phone will still be working well enough to give away your position. Your internet comments went into your FBI file. A file which a corporate Artificial Intelligence will analyse and prioritize.  This will cause you to get a priority special Amazon delivery (in the middle of the night) blowing your house to smithereens.


Why is a Secret Military Project Masquerading as Satellite Internet?

A major weakness for satellite-controlled military drones is the video and control communications bandwidth required to operate them. The number of drones which can be operated is limited by this communications chokepoint. When the Starlink Military Command and Control Network is complete (a few more months) it will provide enough bandwidth to simultaneously operate thousands of killer drones over American soil.  Starlink is military project using the internet as a cover story.  Starlink is a military command and control CCC structure controlled by the corporations and targeting the American people.

Drones which will be used to smother all armed resistance to the American Deep State.

Whose Government Authorized a Secret Corporate Military Project?

What secret part of the US Government gave SpaceX the right to create a military force (an army) independent of the Constitution? Why were SpaceX’s licenses rubber stamped and rushed through?

Where in the congressional record are the votes approving an Act of War by an American corporation?

Since when can congresses’ war powers be transferred and operated at the whim of corporations?

What is the relationship of SpaceX with the Space Command? Is Space Command just a legal fig leaf for obscuring the transfer of military powers to corporations?

No such votes exist and these actions illuminate the “Deep State”.  Without any congressional votes Deep State bureaucratic actions gave corporations their own killing robot armies. Another Treason which will never be investigated by the Gestapo FBI.

Starlink is a secret military project which ran into zero regulatory resistance. Almost like a bunch of agencies were conspiring to get it done.

Why does SpaceX only employ Deep State vetted employees (safe enough for the Gestapo FBI)? The Internet is not a secret but SpaceX is keeping lots of secrets.

Who is building these Drones?

Who is going to supply these drones? Will they be “Made in America” or in some other country? Have government contracts already been signed for an illegal military acquisition to be used against the American population?

Technical Arguments Undermining the Internet Cover Story

I am not familiar with any technology or protocols that allow millions of internet ground connections to be rapidly exchanged with thousands of satellites. Thousands of military connections can be created with the technology and protocols available today.

The Day After

A deep red sun rises over a newly liberalized American city.  Dozens of columns of smoke are rising from the wreckage of patriot’s houses. These pillars of smoke will be democracy’s only tombstone. The media will rewrite history to turn these patriots into criminals and madmen. 

Pictures of people putting their guns out on the curb for collection will never be published.

The Deep State propaganda machine will go into overdrive showing how benevolent our new corporate government can be once they get absolute control. No need to kill troublemakers anymore when kangaroo courts can send anyone to penal colonies for any act of insubordination.

The first governments in human history were governments where the rich and powerful got what they wanted and nobody got hurt. The Deep State is emotionally attached to this traditional form of government.

A new military draft will be created to feed the Deep State’s forever wars. But for some silly reason the children of the Corporate Oligarchs will not fight in the wars started by their parents. The Liberal New World Order will be a corporate bloodbath.

More Americans will die in the forever wars than were ever killed by America’s guns.  

Millions of people must die to ensure the health and safety of the Deep State.

I have a better idea.

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