Autism A Plague of Bad Science

The Amish Anomaly

The Amish tend not vaccinate their children. The only known cases of autism in the Amish communities are children who already had that condition when they were adopted by the Amish. A lot of the Empires published studies about the Amish have to change their definition of Autism in order to establish autism as being present among the Amish.

Aluminum in Vaccines is Not Toxic at These Levels

Aluminum is used like a chemical shotgun to blast the genetic material of the vaccine into any cells (including cells that have nothing to do with the immune response). Aluminum can also disrupt the function of the blood-brain barrier. Letting stuff into the brain that is not supposed to be there. A baby’s brain is undergoing complex changes at a fantastic rate and you are opening the door to affecting that delicate process with aluminum?

An adult’s brain is changing at a snail’s pace so direct aluminum toxicity studies based on adults have no relevance for babies. Anything which either affects the blood-brain barrier or places anything into a baby’s developing brain should be banned. The Aluminum in vaccines does both of these things.

A Study of Aluminum in Vaccines

The Empire has never conducted a double blind study of childhood vaccines and autism. The Empire does embrace capitalism, so why not give parents the choice of aluminum free vaccines?

Have companies develop vaccines which are aluminum free. Earlier generations of vaccines used live but weakened viruses to produce the mild infection which would confer immunity. Aluminum free vaccines would be more expensive and healthcare in America is dependent on your ability to pay.

Let the free market run the study for aluminum and autism. The children with aluminum free vaccines can be compared to the poorer children with aluminum in their vaccines.

Everybody gets vaccinated so the medical tyrants of the Empire won’t have anything to complain about. Yeah right.

How many objections will the Empire raise against doing such a study?

Country of origin for vaccine? National Security Risk (an Imperial favorite)