SPACETIME The Stolen Manual

The Curvature of Space-time

Space-time curvature is like steering a tank by varying the speed of the treads on either side.

If I am moving through space with a temporal gradient, faster time on my left and slower time on my right. It is identical to having the treads on my left move faster than the treads on my right. My path will curve to the right.

If I orbit a planet with the planet on my right. My path curves towards the slower time (right) of the planet.

Space-time curvature is that simple.

The curvature of space-time within General Relativity is a mathematical concept not a description of reality. If you know the rate of time for the space that you will be moving through, then you can predict your path.

Using Time and Not Light to Measure Space-Time

A static mass produces a gravitational field which can be mapped by clocks. The temporal gradient produces the force of gravity, not the other way around. Imperial scientific dogma is pointing us down the wrong road, right from the beginning.

On a non-moving spherical mass (like a planet) the rate of time on its surface is uniform. All the clocks on its surface will experience the same rate of time.

When force is applied to a mass the inertial field is created by modifying the masses’ gravitational field. This modified gravitational field is the actual basis for the properties of Inertia and Kinetic Energy.

Inertia is a measurable property of (real) space time, not a philosophical abstraction

As the velocity of a spherical mass (like the Earth) increases the divergence or separation of time rates on its surface increases. This surface effect may be part of a larger inertial field in the space surrounding the Earth.

When a fixed mass is subjected to a force, the gravitational field produced by that mass is distorted. This distortion produces a force (inertia) which keeps the mass in motion (falling into its own field?). For a small mass this temporal distortion cannot be practically measured.

For something with the mass and velocity of the Earth, the temporal distortions on its surface produced by its inertial fields is strong enough to be easily measured with precision clocks.

The Michelson-Morley Experiment was a Scientific Coup by the Empire

When a large mass like the Earth is in motion the time rates of widely spaced clocks on its surface can be compared to determine both the direction of the masses motion and its (absolute?) velocity. Apparently absolute motion in space can be directly measured using clocks! Aether is time!

The Michelson Morley experiment was a failure because over such a small distance (mirror separations) the local speed of light hardly changes. You have to compare the time rates of clocks at widely separated positions (1000’s of kilometers) on the Earth’s surface to determine the vector (direction) and magnitude (velocity) of your movement through space.

Why is this clock behavior a secret? Who will win WWIII? The side with the fighter planes or the side with the Flying Saucers? The Empire is all about power.

Gravity and the properties of Inertia are based on time. General Relativity ignores time as a structural element of Space-Time. General Relativity tries to build a house by first designing the wood. The “wood” in space-time already exists, it is time. The geodesic formulation of GR dooms GR to irrelevance.

There are literally a hundred major papers (some by Nobel Prize winners) in the literature which say these measurements could never exist. Why not test it for yourself?

Measure Violations of General Relativity Yourself.

In the case of the Earth’s velocity (orbiting the Sun) this distortion produces a difference in the rate of time between clocks on the leading (about sunrise) and trailing (about sunset) edges of the Earth of about 4 microseconds at the ecliptic plane (not the same as the equator). This effect is not in any way related to relativity or GR.

The Earth’s galactic pole (both the Sun and Earth independently have this inertial pole) which propels the Earth along its galactic journey appears to be located about 5 degrees from the Ecliptic Pole (toward the galactic center). The galactic velocity for the Sun is supposed to be about 230 kilometers per second. The potential clock rate differences found at the Earth’s galactic pole should be about 16 μs (microseconds).

On the Earths surface the northern galactic pole is located at about 61 to 62 degrees north latitude. The time rate change is the greatest at this latitude just as the ecliptic pole passes overhead. Right Ascension 17 57 27.8 Declination +60 58 31.8. In different seasons, it is at different hours of the day.

Do not trust anyone (with impeccable credentials) who wants to help. Have at least two teams at 61 degrees north latitude.

One team generates a 1-10 megahertz fixed modulation on a radio transmitter using very stable (or even atomic) oscillators. Another team (northern site) monitors that radio signal independently with their own equipment to make sure that it is stable and does not fluctuate. This experiment has to be run for a minimum of 24 hrs. While this experiment is running, the people at the northern site will not notice anything unusual happening.

At several other receiver sites preferably thousands of kilometers away, other teams are monitoring the signal produced by the northern site. They should notice the northern sites 1-10 megahertz signal modulation change by as much as 16 microseconds over a 24 hour period. The observers at the northern site will not notice anything, their measurements should(?) say that the signal was rock steady during the course of the experiment.

The rate of time would have physically changed for the northern site without giving any local indication. Only by comparing clocks thousands of kilometers apart can you quantify the temporal effects of the Earth’s galactic inertial pole. Deception about Violations of Relativity

If you are a member of a scientific or intelligence organization investigating Imperial corruption of science, your supervisor or an associate will forward this article to you.

Scientists use the Tokyo Skytree to test Einstein’s theory of general relativity

Your Intelligence Directorate has been arguing not to go public with the information that you have.  Your Director will argue that this article shows that some other intelligence organization will take the lead of going public with this information. Let another intelligence organization go public while your organization continues to fight a secret (and ineffectual) war against the Empire. did not go public with a violation of Relativity. The article only contains information to people who already know about the violations. It is the deception of false consensus. (an Imperial tool) is pretending to show that the violations of Relativity are common knowledge and that no one should be in a hurry to go public with them. is providing support to your (compromised?) intelligence directorate not to go public. is buying the Empire time.


General Relativity is crap. That is why the Empire constantly publishes articles saying how it has passed another test with flying colors.

If you want an advanced energy source or a new propulsion system directly based on gravity or time you make sure that your competition is using a theory which will never ever get them near the right answer. The Empire took Einstein’s version of General Relativity and stripped out anything usable and left an empty shell.

The Black Hole’s exact solution for Einstein’s field equation doesn’t have any meaning in the real world. Throwing the speed of light into an equation does not automatically make it relevant to anything in the real world. Nothing can go faster than light and (secret) time can never completely stop for a mass. The mathematics describing black holes is meaningless.

Look around you how many black holes are out here in the galactic arms? Black Holes are supposed to be immortal yet there are none in the local neighborhood. Do you know what happens to a Black Hole leaves the nest of the galactic center? It explodes and becomes a Quasar just as Halton Arp saw in his telescope. The Empire declares that all Quasars are at the edge of the Galaxy when obviously they are in the galactic neighborhood. The red shift from a Quasar is the result of a temporal phenomenon which warps space around a Quasar.

The Empire found that time was the key to understanding gravity. Time as physical property is completely missing from General Relativity making it worthless for real physics.

Hewlett Packard had a gentleman who retired from their time standards division who could not keep his mouth shut by the name of Clifford M. Will. He would publish papers that had too much correct information in them. He also helped develop a way of talking in code about phenomena that the Empire was keeping secret called Parameterized Post Newtonian formalism (PPN). This was before the internet and military level encryption. The Empire was using mathematics that did not use GR. PPN was also garbage and so the Empire just kept singing the praises of General Relativity louder while developing functional mathematical models that have never been seen in public.