Apasmara: The Planet that Used to be Between Mars and Jupiter

When the Sun first ignited the 5th planet between Mars and Jupiter could have been at the right distance for habitability under a very bright Sun. The dim early sun paradox being more fake physics. A Star starts out bright and then fades just like a campfire.

The clays and hydrous minerals on Ceres would indicate open water and enough gravity for an atmosphere. The presence of large amounts of salts would require large bodies of water with evaporation and concentration of salts from the breakdown of rock by aqueous solutions.

Ceres looks like crustal material from a planet with surface water. Some of the other “belt asteroids” appear to be differentiated mantle and core.

For a few hundred million years Apasmara could have been in the habitable zone of an extremely bright Sun. The seeding of genetically uplifted organisms always produces sharks. I got some fossilized shark teeth from Ceres that I am going to sell on eBay 😊.

Americans buried evidence of massive planetary disasters caused by interstellar objects. Interstellar objects can impact at much higher velocities than local objects. Jupiter would have absorbed more than 90% of the debris after Apasmara had been completely disrupted (blown to shit), likely by an interstellar asteroid/planetoid impact.

Mercury has been battered down to it metallic core.

Within the last 200 million years Venus got turned into a molten blob with the impact reversing its rotation.

Earth had huge flood basalts and extinctions caused by interstellar impacts.

Mars’ northern hemisphere had ten kilometers shaved off of it and was reduced to a molten puddle.  Martian crater impacts in the northern hemisphere were reset to a recent age by an interstellar impact which NASA totally denies ever happened.

And Pluto is a recently captured interstellar planet (geologic time scale) which will one day collide with Neptune.

The planet of Apasmara obeys the observations of the annoying Titius–Bode law. The Americans find the Titius-Bode law annoying since it makes people resistant to their gaslighting of human civilization about the non-existence of Apasmara.


The Fifth Planet of Apasmara

The name of the destroyed 5th planet should commemorate the treachery of American science. The mechanism of its destruction, an interstellar asteroid or planetoid, was purged from the scientific literature to increase the wealth of our self appointed masters, the oil companies. The toxic fallout from interstellar asteroid impacts creates the geological conditions for the formation of oil. Money is more important than science or the continuation of the human civilization (late Bronze Age Impacts) for the greedy Americans.

The 5th planet’s theme should be ignorance, deceit, and treachery.  And that theme should not come from Western Culture.

From the Wikipedia

According to Hindu mythology, Apasmāra is a dwarf who represents spiritual ignorance and nonsensical speech.[1][2] He is also known as Muyalaka or Muyalakan. To preserve knowledge in the world, Apasmāra must be subdued, not killed, as to do so would disturb the necessary balance between spiritual knowledge and ignorance.[2] Killing Apasmāra would symbolise the attainment of knowledge without the (essential) effort, dedication and hard work involved, and this would lead to the devaluing of knowledge in all its forms. To subdue Apasmāra, Lord Shiva adopted the form of Nataraja – the Lord of Dance – and performed the cosmic dance of Tāṇḍava. During this dance, Nataraja suppressed Apasmāra by crushing him with his right foot. As Apasmāra is one of the few demons destined to immortality, it is believed that Lord Shiva forever remains in his Nataraja form suppressing Apasmāra for eternity.[2][3] Wikipedia

Apasmāra looks like a good choice for a planet that was destroyed and its very existence denied by an Anglo-American Empire motivated by greed.   

And rename Ceres to Maya, the illusion and deceit of the west.

America’s scientific treachery will be a part of human culture long after America is gone.