Spacetime Stress and the Fable of Black Holes

A simple definition of spacetime stress is anything which causes the time rate in a region of space to decrease.

The spacetime stress in liquid water causes the rate of time to slow down within it giving it a refractive index of 1.333 or a time rate of 1-(.250) showing that time has slowed down by 25%.

The refractive index in solids is also influenced by the electrical properties of the atoms or crystals. But dense or very hard (strong bonds) materials tend to have a slower internal time rate (more dilation). These materials have a higher index of refraction. Curious that the inverse of the time rate is used for the “index of refraction”. I believe that Snell’s equation can also use the cosine and the time rate without any inversion.

The simple result is that the more that you squeeze matter together the slower the time rate and the greater the spacetime stress.

By displacing time (dilation) you are also storing/concentrating energy.

When you compress a gas, the pressure increases and that compressed air has become an energy source.

When you compress matter, you are not just squishing together electron, protons, and neutrons you are also slowing the rate of time and increasing spacetime stress. Spacetime stress is resisting the infinite compression of matter. Infinite density also equals infinite spacetime stress (or infinite energy). Long before gravitational attraction can compress matter to a black hole the space time stresses will equal the forces of gravitational contraction. From this point on spacetime stresses will increase faster than gravitational compression. Therefore, the density of matter has a finite limit.

Spacetime stresses prevent the existence of anything like a black hole. Other deceptive terms like “electron degeneracy” are used for neutron stars and white dwarfs to hide other spacetime secrets.

General Relativity is completely useless yet the Americans say it is perfect. Black Holes cannot exist but American affiliated physicists are constantly publishing papers about them.

American science lies to so that the global elite can quietly use their control over real physics to amass even greater power.

And the Americans call me, insane.