Portrait of a Scientific Conspiracy

For over a century the global elite have manufactured a scientific consensus as lurid and as rational as a penny dreadful. They kept the real science for themselves.

If I generate an exact 1 GHz microwave signal my local time dilation (from all causes) will be imprinted on that signal. Because the rate of time is not a universal constant this can be a very important measurement for understanding spacetime.

If someone in less time dilation (faster time) receives that signal, they will say it is running slow. If someone living in higher time dilation (slower time) receives that signal, they will say it is running fast.

Why does Einstein’s General Relativity’s theory state that the separate observers would not be able to see the differences between their respective time rates?  This isn’t physics, it is psychological conditioning. General Relativity is the global elite’s fake narrative created to mask the absence of real spacetime physics.

This secrecy is maintained by murder, entrapment, and the lashing of the scientific journals.

Every Scientific Gathering is Playing Paganini in the Background

The key to a conspiracy this big is to have eyes everywhere. The higher and more prestige’s the scientific position the greater the certainty that someone sold their soul to get it.  A person is not corrupted before they attain their scientific status, they attain their scientific status precisely because they are corrupt. The scientific pretenders first duty is to find those people who ask the wrong questions or those who doubt the illogical.

Approach any of these persons with an interesting factual concept and the FBI will be recording the rest of your life (for however long that lasts).

Let us start with the cornerstone of the fake spacetime narrative, General Relativity.

The physics of spacetime is based on time (duh). Therefore, the measurement of the rate of time would be a fundamental part of any theory used to describe spacetime. You would take readings from several widely spaced precision clocks and then you put them into GR. Except where do you put your data into GR to perform a calculation?

Does GR have a manual? What data is required by GR? What calculations do you have to perform on the data to get a result? What is the form of that result? If your taxes were as difficult as solving GR how many of you would be in prison? Has anybody ever gotten a result from GR within a normal lifespan (Schwarzschild died in WW1 and he had never heard of a black hole)?

Kepler and Newton can be done on a computer since the entire calculation is well defined and documented. If everybody can’t get the same answer (or any answer) then how is GR more precise than Kepler and Newton? It is only more accurate than Kepler and Newton because the global elite controlled scientific journals say it is. Science by Fiat.

The key to understanding General Relativity is that it can only be solved by smart people. And cunning people got their scientific positions by saying it is infallible. GR is nothing but global elite sponsored peer pressure hiding behind a delusional mathematical framework that would shame voodoo and toad licking.  

Unsuccessful Conspiracies Warn their Victims Successful Conspiracies Just Kill Them

The certification requirements in America have reached ridiculous levels. Several of my attempted assassins were board certified pharmacists. A college education is now a requirement for being a U.S. Government assassin? Who would have suspected that my nearly lethal internal bleeding problem would disappear 48 hours after I ran out of my blood pressure medicine (because I couldn’t afford it). America! What a country!

In my country of exile, I take the exact same medication without any problems. How strange that the poisons in my medication produced symptoms which would match a preexisting medical condition.  The FBI and the global elite are also fond of scientific and medical plausible deniability.