Decapitating the American Tyranny Without Destroying America

The FBI holds the Empire’s monopoly on federal investigations. The Empire’s Department of Justice decides who will be prosecuted, and in front of which Judge they will be railroaded.

Neither of these organizations is directly created in the Constitution.

The prosecution of laws is by the Administrative Branch of the American government. As long as the Administrative Branch adheres to the Constitution it can bypass both the FBI and DOJ. In fact, the Administrative Branch can bypass both organizations if either are suspected of being members of a conspiracy.

The FBI and DOJ acted directly against me to prevent the information regarding corrupt oil geology from going public.  My dealings with these organizations suggest a deep rooted and pervasive culture of corruption. If you prove an oil geology conspiracy (under the noses) of the FBI, at the very least you prove that the FBI and DOJ are incompetent.

The Administrative Branch could open dozens of Federal Grand Juries with independent and impartial investigators. People with intimate knowledge of the Empire could use these Juries to dismember the Empire.

If the Independent Oil Men in Texas had access to these Juries how long would it take them to get to the bottom of the government’s scientific corruption regarding oil geology? 

Deliver the Grand Juries to the victims and take them away from the tyrants.

Why the Empire wants you to wait to the last moment to strike.

Rather than going public with the criminal information that you have on the Empire; your Directors have forced you to fight a secret war against the Empire. All of your actions against the Empire have been taken out of the public view. Your Directors are also maintaining information compartmentalization so that you can’t see the big picture.

Have your Directors made a bunch of arbitrary decisions and actions which do not make sense?

Because you have taken your actions in secret it will be easy for the Empire to cast you as the conspirators. Your directors are having you incriminate yourselves in a terrorist incident which you have unknowingly helped to stage.

The empire will create a terrorist incident and the people investigating the Empire will be blamed. That is how easy it will be for the Empire to destroy the people with criminal evidence against it.

Waiting to the last moment to destroy the Empire is a recipe for disaster. If you can’t get indictments against the Empire from the Department of Justice now, what makes you think you can get the entire Empire indicted later?

You are being told that the Empire will be destroyed in one fell swoop. What is going to happen is you are going to find out your real limitations when you are out of time.

Keep Telling Yourself That There Is No Conspiracy

An interstellar asteroid impact might barely show up in the geological record but it can shut down agriculture for years or decades. Once the population drops below a certain level there are not enough specialists (engineers and craftsman) alive to maintain a city. A complex society cannot be maintained and the surviving city dwellers revert to hunter gatherers.

Interstellar asteroids have already destroyed human civilizations. People 70,000 years ago were as smart as the people now. They tried to build civilizations and failed. Civilizations have a weak link, they cannot survive major interruptions in their large scale agriculture.

Why are ancient civilizations always palaeolithic? Because the stones are not worth the trouble to steal. How many times have Imperial scientists found artifacts indicating a more advanced civilization and suppressed that evidence? I am not talking about UFO’s I am talking about ploughs and metallurgy. This corruption saturates all of science. The only independence that the National Science Foundation exercises is to prevent meaningful oversight by the American people. The NSA only funds the science that the ruling class wants funded.

The scientific absence of interstellar asteroid impacts from the scientific literature cannot be anything but a conspiracy. This conspiracy is obvious because the Big Oil companies have used this same science to take advantage of the oil men who didn’t have it. (Not a victimless crime)

Big oil made huge political contributions with the money that they made by monopolizing this information for over 60 years. The USGS and other scientific organizations have shown a single minded determination to hide the relationship between interstellar asteroids and oil at any cost to geological science. The FBI has ruthlessly enforced that monopoly with harassment and murder.

Roving bands of people hunting down the ruling class is actually one of the more positive scenarios for ending this scientific conspiracy. It certainly beats having 95% of the human race starving to death after a preventable interstellar impact.